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Sep 28, 2006 02:13 AM

Whole Foods Inc. coming to Virginia Beach??!!

Hey Everyone:
I heard rumors that my beloved Whole Foods is considering opening a store in Virginia Beach! First I heard they were considering the Town Center area and then recently I heard they are considering property around Princess Anne and Dam Neck Road.

Does anyone have any more info? Is anyone as desperate as I am for a Whole Foods? I already emailed Whole Foods begging them to open in VB-any other suggestions?


I am desperate for a Whole Foods-is anyone else?

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  1. i live in the area and although i find whole foods a little over priced and pretentious, i do think it would be good for the area. i was told that before whole foods opens a new store they do some pretty serious demographic surveying and an area has to meet a lot of criteria. each of their stores have to make something like a million dollars a day to be viable. do you think a store in va bch could do that?

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      I don't work for WFM but a mill a day for each store? If that's true, which I doubt, they would really be in the money printing business

      1. re: quazi

        Yep, I won't give you numbers, but's it's no where near a mill a day!

    2. Hi y'all! I'm moving to Norfolk in January. I'm so very disappointed with the grocery shopping options in the area. I would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE a WFM.

      I actually work with WFM (I'm a vendor for them). I received some inside scoop that they are looking into the area, but it will be late 2008 at the earliest. Boo hoo!

      Maybe sooner if we wish hard!

      1. I hope you're right. There is tremendous developement going on both at Town Center and the Dam Neck/PA area. The new Harris Teeter across from the Courthouse is far the best of the three. We can certainly use an outlet for some better quality products around the General Booth area. Food Lion and Farm Fresh just don't cut it. Although I've never been in a WFM, I've heard great things about it. As far as the general population supporting such a market, it probably would. The housing in this general area is higher-end and Dam Neck would be easy to get to from Croatan, Lago Mar, Heritage Park and all the newer developments along the Indian River Road corridor.

        1. While you are waiting for Whole Foods try Trader Joe's in Newport's worth the occasional trip. Lots of shopping nearby.

          1. I would love to see a Whole Foods in the area. I would prefer Norfolk, but I'd drive to Va Beach for it. :-)