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Sep 28, 2006 01:41 AM

Looking for CHEAP breakfast around Rosemead at 8am...

I'm looking for some good breakfast around Rosemead, SGV area tommorow at 8am. At school we have a "latestart day" so we go to class tommorow at 9:20am and I would love to grab breakfast beforehand at 8am after my first class.

It would be for a party of 2 or 4. Thanks for any help!

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  1. The original comment has been removed
      1. How about breakfast at Shau May, on Garfield and Garvey (in the Garfield Lincoln centre, next to ABC Cafe and down from Quickly)?

        Random Chinese food as breakfast!

        And HELLA cheap. I'd be shocked to hear that anything on the breakfast menu costs more than about $3.50.

        1. What time do they open? I ended up eating at IHOP, >_> poor me.

          I'd love to eat at Shau May, I've been by it many times but opted to just eat at ABC.

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          1. re: Disturbed_Azn

            11 if i recall correctly -- 10 at the earliest.

            1. re: ipsedixit

              if it's shau may on garfield/valley, they open quite early. i've been there, for my fresh soy milk, as early at 7am.

                1. re: henrychan888

                  I'm a white guy who sometimes works in this area and would love to find a place that serves traditional chinese food items early in the morning. Should I try this place?

                  1. re: HBfoodie

                    If you're concerned about the language factor, Shau May might be a good stop. IIRC, it was fairly user friendly.

                    However, IMHO, there are several places closeby that have much better traditional Taiwanese/No. Chinese-style breakfasts (as opposed to Southern-style dim sum, which is a different beast altogether), but they may not be too convenient if you don't speak/read Chinese. You may want to try this place; it has a bilingual menu and is quite good.

                    Mei Lin Tou Chiang: 1275 E. Valley Blvd. (New Ave.), Alhambra (626) 284-1868
                    Decent, hole-in-the-wall joint that’s hidden away in the strip mall with Lee’s Sandwiches. Wide variety of baozi, jiaozi, and zongzi. Baozi are quite good, if unspectacular; flavors a bit more subdued than some of the other places. I quite like the pickled veggie-pork bun (suancai roubao) and chive bun (jiuciabao). Soy milk is also good (though once it tasted a bit “skunky”).

                    Here's link to a thread on traditional Chinese breakfast items with descriptions and recommendations.


                    Note: most of these places open very early in the morning (6-7am)

            2. yes you should HBfoodie.. shao may specifically has shanghainese style cuisine...

              you can also try Macao Street on Garvey in Monterey Park. They have breakfast as cheap as 1.95 with coffee. This is cantonese style.

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              1. re: henrychan888

                Would these places serve their regular menu items or only chinese breakfast meals?

                1. re: HBfoodie

                  Shau May on Garfield only has breakfast in the morning. They change their menu for lunch and dinner.