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Sep 28, 2006 01:17 AM

Best cheese blintz in NYC?

Can you tell me where it can be found?

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  1. I love the cheese with prune butter blintzes at Theresa's on First Ave. between 6th & 7th.

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    1. I am a regular at Teresa's, but I find their blintzes too crispy and way too buttery. The only blintzes I really like their are the ones with fresh blueberries, in season.

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      1. re: Pan

        I love the crispiness. Yeah, they're buttery (greasy?); that's why I don't eat them too often.

      2. small pita joint in the diamond district called house of pita.

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        1. re: FireMyst

          Please describe their blintzes. Are they buttery/oily? Are they very crispy?

        2. I know that many think of the Carnegie Deli as a tourist
          place, but I've been a New Yorker for 20 years and I think
          their blintzes are great, as are their pastrami sandwiches.

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          1. re: dave_nyc

            A while back, I had great blintzes at the Hotel Edison's coffee shop. It's in the Theater District and a special treat at a reasonable price. Think it is still in business!

            1. re: hopegoode

              Yup. Edison Cafe is still there. Good soups too. My fave is the beef borscht-when they have it.