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Sep 28, 2006 01:11 AM

Gascogne lately?

Thinking about going in Dec, but most comments are a year or two old. Some comments on menupages are actually rude. Just wondering if the place is good for two out of towners for an intimate dinner on a Thursday night. Thanks!

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  1. Although Menupages is very useful, I never put much stock in the reviews there. So, don't let them deter you from going to Gascogne. It's charming and cozy, and the food is excellent.

    Enjoy and Bon Appetit!

    1. There was a recent thread on foie gras with comments. Was there last on New Years eve 04-05 and it was fantastic.

      1. Its my neighborhood spot. Still good. I prefer the summer when you can sit outside - the inside is just too loud...

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          I agree that the back garden is one of the loveliest around, and we most often go to Gascogne when the weather permits us to eat there. However, when we have sat inside, it's always been at less busy times, so noise has not been a problem.

        2. I was there for lunch about a month ago, in the back garden. Had a nice bottle of rose for about $20 (I like that they offer a few bottles of nice, reasonable wine), and the atmosphere was great. I found the food to be not quite up to the level of everything else (steak was slightly liver-ish, and the croque-madame was just okay). Still, though, I'd definitely return and give the kitchen another chance.

          1. Lovely place. The food was really good. We had the snail appetizer, as well as a patatou and a mushroom tatin, the duck and two desserts. One was an apple strudel and the other was a delicious pear clafoutis. Oh, and a Sancerre.

            The service was excellent. The hostess and manager were so polite, and our server was really lovely.

            We sat outside (in November!) - if you do this and it's remotely warm out remember not to sit under the heat lamps. They're quite low and it can get hot.

            It's nice to see "real" French people eating here too.