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DESSERT ONLY at top restaurants

Just wondering which restaurants will do this. I'm looking for a dessert sampler plate of the highest quality. I would be arriving on a weekend night after 9:30. Will the high end restos let me only come for dessert? Perigee? Splendido? Mildred Pierce? Any recommendations are greatly appreciated.


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  1. I haven't tried it, but Perigee offers a specific dessert tasting menu after 9pm. So they'd pretty much definitely let you come just for dessert.

    1. I was at Perigee for their dinner tasting menu about 2 months ago and was not impressed with the desserts they offered for the two of us.

      1. I was craving for Joanne Yolles' famous coconut cream pie...so I dropped into Pangaea on Friday to see if it was still available; they replaced it with the banana coconut cream tart. Since I didn't have time to dine in, they let me get it to go. I ate it at the office and it was heaven! If they let me get takeout, I'm sure they'll be willing to serve only dessert. I highly recommend Pangaea.


        1. Boba (90 Avenue Rd.) has a sampler dessert platter ("the Grand Dessert") with a bit of most of their desserts for $13. It's well worth it! I think that it would be OK to come in at that time for coffee and desserts only, but you may want to call to confirm this.

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            Have yet to try Boba, but I've heard from a few people that their dessert guy, Mike Small, is an up-and-commer.

          2. Thank you. Keep em' coming. Has anyone tried the dessert for two at Rain?

            1. Pangaea gets my vote. I am sure that you could have dessert only at the bar (I've done so myself!), but not sure about the dining room. However the people there are pretty cool and I think they'd be flexible. I can't remember if they have a dessert sampler, so you might want to call to ask. Perhaps they would even just make one especially for you -- never hurts to ask!

              1. Since this is not a spur of the moment idea (it usually is for me) why not just call a few places and ask if this would be a problem for them?

                1. The last time we were at Splendido, we asked if we could come back for dessert only since we enjoyed ours with our meal so much. They said it's not a problem and they would be happy to accommodate us either in the dining room if there was room available or definitely at the bar. Our desserts that night was so good that we ordered an extra one outside of my tasting menu and my SO's a la carte dessert. And then we could barely walk out the door because we were so full ;-)

                  1. My partner and I went to George for dessert and drinks/coffee around 10pm on Saturday. Excellent! By our choice, we sat in the bar area. Service was superb - staff genuinely friendly, and very attentive. Dessert was very good - lemon/raspberry tart and blueberry/white chocolate tart. Will definitely return, and unfortuntely (for my waistline), it will likely be too frequently!