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Sep 28, 2006 12:58 AM

DESSERT ONLY at top restaurants

Just wondering which restaurants will do this. I'm looking for a dessert sampler plate of the highest quality. I would be arriving on a weekend night after 9:30. Will the high end restos let me only come for dessert? Perigee? Splendido? Mildred Pierce? Any recommendations are greatly appreciated.


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  1. I haven't tried it, but Perigee offers a specific dessert tasting menu after 9pm. So they'd pretty much definitely let you come just for dessert.

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      1. I was at Perigee for their dinner tasting menu about 2 months ago and was not impressed with the desserts they offered for the two of us.

        1. I was craving for Joanne Yolles' famous coconut cream I dropped into Pangaea on Friday to see if it was still available; they replaced it with the banana coconut cream tart. Since I didn't have time to dine in, they let me get it to go. I ate it at the office and it was heaven! If they let me get takeout, I'm sure they'll be willing to serve only dessert. I highly recommend Pangaea.


        2. Boba (90 Avenue Rd.) has a sampler dessert platter ("the Grand Dessert") with a bit of most of their desserts for $13. It's well worth it! I think that it would be OK to come in at that time for coffee and desserts only, but you may want to call to confirm this.

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            Have yet to try Boba, but I've heard from a few people that their dessert guy, Mike Small, is an up-and-commer.

          2. Thank you. Keep em' coming. Has anyone tried the dessert for two at Rain?

            1. Pangaea gets my vote. I am sure that you could have dessert only at the bar (I've done so myself!), but not sure about the dining room. However the people there are pretty cool and I think they'd be flexible. I can't remember if they have a dessert sampler, so you might want to call to ask. Perhaps they would even just make one especially for you -- never hurts to ask!