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Sep 28, 2006 12:40 AM

Taco Spot in Eagle Rock Now Open

I passed by Taco Spot at 2006 Colorado Boulevard in Eagle Rock and saw that it is now open. I picked up a take out menu and the food is healthy mexican tacos and burritos--perfect for picking up after work. I will try it this week.

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  1. Thanks for the heads up!

    1. So what's really remarkable about this place?

      1. Had lunch there. Better than I expected (but my expectations were pretty low). Tacos are big, meat is juicy and moderately flavorful. I had the taco plate: 3 tacos, black beans and rice. Tacos come topped with onion and cilantro, guacamole and a tiny bit of jack cheese. Carnitas is tasty and moist, no crunch to it. Machaca is very juicy, decent flavor. Asada has a good meat taste, but lacks that bit of "char" from the grill. And there's a few chips as a garnish.

        Prices aren't outrageous, but for a taco stand they seem too high. Taco plate was something like $6, chips and salsa was, I think, $3.

        There's a nice salsa bar, with avacado sauce and several varieties of salsa. The salsa roja has the word HOT in big letters on the sign, which it was NOT. The dark salsa had a good taste, but that place over by the Super A on Eagle Rock x Yosemite, Jerry's Grill or something, has much, much better salsa.

        And if you're interested, Oinkster was definitely not open for lunch.

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          But the Oinkster will be open tonight, Friday the 29th, at 5p.m., so I was told when there today.

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            Yeah, Jerrys mexican grill in Eagle rock has some killer salsa. Especially the green salsa!

          2. Taco Spot was better than expected. I had an Ahi burrito and it was fine. A step above Poquito Mas, but when in the neighborhhod I think I'd go to Senor Fish before Taco Spot. Still, give it a try if you're local.

            1. My husband and I did take out from here on their first day open and we were pleasantly suprised by our black bean veg. burritos. They were fresh and had a nice spicy kick. Those who live in the Rock understand why having a quick healthy take out place nearby is such a happy thing. Sure, my husband loves Jerry's, La Fuente, etc. But the healthier mexican places are something we can both agree upon on a weekday evening after long days at work. So, having places like this in the 'hood really are supported (you maybe have to be a local Eagle Rocker to understand).