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Kalik Gold - Anyone know where to get it here in the USA?

Hello, my husband and I were recently in the Carribean and tried a new beer for us. Kalik Gold. We really liked it but to date, have not been able to find it in the US. We found regular Kalik but not the Gold version.

We live in the DC area but will have it shipped from anywhere if possible.


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  1. I originally posted this back in September and got no replies so am trying again to see if perhaps anyone has learned something since then.

    I REALLY like this beer.


    1. I have never seen Kalik outside of the Bahamas. This article suggests that the only way to get some in the states would be to smuggle it home in your luggage.


      1. Major bummer! Guess we are going to the bahamas again and soon! ;)

        1. I've never tried Kalik beer... but will definitely do so on my cruise to Nassau next August.

          Another Caribbean brew I enjoyed were the $1.00 Caribe beers I had on the beach in St. Maarten.

          And don't even get me started on the Guavaberry liquor of St. Maarten or the "Root... MON" I enjoyed for the first time on Coki Beach in St. Thomas.

          Man... I can't wait to get back to the Caribbean!



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            Huh - is the RootMon like root beer?

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              Howdy Schoenick,

              Well, "Root... Mon" is nothing like root beer... and not necessarily in a bad way!

              I was introduced to it on Coki Beach in St. Thomas. I walked up to the local beach bar to get a couple cold beers and noticed a weird contraption behind the bar. It looked like some kind of home made still made with 5 gallon plastic water jugs, plastic tubing, and some plastic spigots.. all connected with duct tape. Inside the plastic jugs were... well... branches of some tree of unknown origin.

              Well, curiosity got the better of me and I asked the bartender what the heck it was... he replied in a thick caribbean accent.... "That's ROOT...... Mon...."

              He then proceded to give me a free shot of the stuff.... It was absolutely delicious.... earthy... smooth... and with a kick of alcohol. They refused to tell me what was in that concoction, but I had to have another shot or two!

              I later found out (from a friend of mine born in the Dominican Republic) that "Root" is quite popular, though no formal recipe is indicated.... wine... rum... etc is added to a vessel containing the "roots" and allowed to "age". It is then passsed on to another person, who imbibes and is bestowed with good fortune... who then refills and passes it along to another....

              I currently have a bottle with the "roots"... i just need to know what to fill it with before I pass it along!



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                Hmmmm... Would I be able to go up to any bar in St. Thomas and ask for this? It kind of sounds like yukka. Which is really good but I never realize how much I've actually consumed until I stand up... ;)

          2. Just found this website that will ship Kalik beer to the states: http://www.rememberthebahamas.com/pro...

            It is currently out of stock and the price is ludicrous ($48/case before shipping) but if you are truly jonesing for some this ought to do the trick.

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              Thanks for the post. I appreciate the effort. Unfortunately, it is for regular Kalik, not the Kalik Gold that my mouth waters for.

              Right now, I think I just want it so bad because I can't have it. Know the feeling? I'll get to the Caribbean and hate it! ;)

            2. schoenick, I live in the DC area and have been searching for Kalik EVERYWHERE. Where do you get it?

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                I remember seeing it (regular Kalik) about two years ago in Ocean City, MD - perhaps at Brewski Brothers beer store.

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                  See the link that CDouglas posted for info on how to get it shipped to you.

                  1. re: schoenick

                    7840 w. irlo bronson hwy. (192) in kissimmee/orlando has the regular kalik.

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                    I've been looking too! I found that Stateline Liquors in Elkton, MD (http://www.statelineliquors.com) carries Kalik. Unfortunately for me, they can't ship it out of the state. Also, I found that you can purchase it from sendliquor.com, but it is *very* pricey.

                    Hope this helps!

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                      Since this thread was started, Heineken (Kalik's parent company) has started exporting Kalik to the US, through it's US subsidiary, Star Brands http://fischerbeverages.com/about.php

                      "Star Brands is now undertaking a soft roll-out of Kalik from the Bahamas, concentrating on beach markets up the East Coast. " (Nov. '07)

                      I've seen it sold in NJ, (but, IIRC, Kalik and Kalik Gold are two different beers).

                  3. I was on Nantucket (Mass.) for the 4th of July. A bar by the name of Pier 14 was serving the regular beer (blue label). Great stuff. I'm trying to find out where the bar got the beer from. Hopefully, there's a distributor in the Boston area that sells the stuff.

                    1. I know this is an extremely old topic but I just found Kalik locally after looking for it since February when I visited the Bahamas. A friend had went to the Bahamas awhile ago and spoke about Kalik and brought me back a koozie. So, I went and had to try some - and fell in love with it.

                      In Towson, MD - about an hour, give or take from DC a place called Beltway Fine Wines on Loch Raven Blvd has this Kalik @ $7.49/6 pack currently. It's in the back left of the store, almost hidden.

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                        I am also a big fan of blue label Kalik which I first had down in Key West about 3 or 4 years ago and have been drinking it regularly ever since. I am in Bel Air, MD, about 30 minutes north of Baltimore up I-95. There are 3 liquor stores in Bel Air area that carry it, Wine World in Abingdon, Ronnie's Beverage Warehouse, and Tollgate Liquors. One warning though, Tollgate is the only one that keeps it cold and I have never bought a bad case. In the last 2 weeks, I have purchased the Kalik warm from other stores, and both times the Kalik was skunked. Both stores took it back for me and I then went back to Tollgate and all was good. I have never seen the Gold though!

                        Kalik for All!!!

                      2. Kalik Gold cannot be purchased in the United States as it has a 7% alcohol content per bottle. I believe that exceeds the legal limit by like 1 or 1.5%. You can find the regular and light Kalik beers, but you have to go to the islands to get the Gold.

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                          There is no federal limit on alcohol content of beers in the US. The odd state or two might still have caps, but those are gradually going away.

                        2. if you ever get down to fort lauderdal they sell in the markets and liq. stores I bought some in 2008 when i was there after I had tried it in the bahamas I loved it too but I'm in Oklahoma. I'm trying to get my neighborhood Liq. store to get it for me you can try the same..

                          1. I know what you mean it was amazing beer. I found where you can order it but can't find the gold. The other one is awsome to. http://www.sendliquor.com/id115286lis...

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                              I was in Orlando this past week and went to Kafe Kalik in the International Mall and had Kalik Gold Friday and Saturday. It's very limited. The manager told me she could only get 30 cases a month. They would not sale it over the counter to go, but drank enough those two nights the last until my next visit. Good luck.

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                                  Found Kalik Gold in the Publix Supermarket in Orlando last week. Sweet.

                            2. Since this thread started (over 4 years ago now) Heineken has started exporting Kalik and Kalik Gold to the US. In that time, they've closed their Star Brands import division, and the brand is now imported by an independent company, United States Beverage.


                              An email to them will probably get you a local distributor's name- give that to your local retailer and they will order the brand. No need to pay inflated mail order prices and expensive shipping (bottled beer is heavy) for a national brand.

                              1. I live in key largo and the just started selling it at the publix here

                                1. There's a map of where to Buy Kalik beer in the US on this website


                                  Disclosure: this is my website.