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Sep 28, 2006 12:09 AM

Help! Dinner near Dedham?

My brother has flown here for a meeting in Dedham. I'm coming from Cambridge to pick him up and take him out for dinner. I'd like to take him somewhere not too fancy, but still a treat. Maybe Italian, Chinese, or American? Any ideas?

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  1. Vinny Testa's is easy to find and they don't rush you...I enjoyed a 3 hour lunch with my sis awhile back and they never pressured us to move on. Enjoy the visit!

    1. Isabellas in Dedham Center almost next to the Dedham Community Theatre is quite good, a little upscale and decent service. Italian food- I belive northern, but also some decent seafood preparations.

      1. The Brick House on 109/ near corner of VFW Parkway is great.
        Had dinner there a few weeks ago...small, quiant, unique italian dishes. We avoid Testas like the plague... its gone so down hill since its under new management. Its a chain like the rest of them now.

        Isabella is very good, but very pricy.

        1. What town is The Brick House in? I checked out the Isabella's website and you're right--- it's too expensive and too fancy for my mostly meat and potato bro'.

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            The Brick House is Dedham, but right on the line of West Roxbury. It is practically across the street from McGolf.

            I second the recommendation for the Brick House. Only been once but it was great food, service, atmosphere. Reasonable prices. A bit loud maybe, though.

          2. Maybe Vintage in West Roxbury? It's not far from Dedham, and would certainly satisfy a meat and potato brother. Steaks (with a side) mostly in the 20s IIRC, with maybe a couple under $20.

            Also in W. Roxbury (though I usually get lost--Vintage is right off the VFW so I can find it) is West on Centre. Reasonably priced "new American," plus a more casual menu in the bar.