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Sep 28, 2006 12:08 AM

Need help with my Nissin instant noodles from Famima.

I just got back from a new local Famima convenient store when I bought a really cool looking package of Nissin U.F.O. Yaki Soba in a square bowl. The problem is that there aren't any English instructions... How do I cook this stuff? A small icon seems to suggest that I need add hot water. There is an icon of a microwave with a line drawn through it.

Many Thanks.
I can e-mail you a photo if the package if you know how to read Japanese.

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  1. Unless it's changed since I last had one, inside the package, on top of the noodles, there should be two packets: one filled with dried vegetables (mostly cabbage), and one filled with a dark brown sauce -- oh, actually three, the last filled with dried seaweed sprinkles. On one edge of the lid, there should be little u-shaped flaps.

    Take the packets out of the bowl. Open the packet of dried cabbage and pour it over the noodles, then fill the bowl section with hot water and replace the lid. You're now "cooking" the noodles and cabbage. On the directions, if you see a low number, like "3", with a character by it that sort of looks like a little hut, that character means minute -- as in let the noodles stay in the water for "3" or whatever minutes (if this isn't easily discernible, then figure it should sit as long as you would let any instant noodle product sit for purposes of "cooking" the noodles, erring on the side of less time than more time).

    When you have determined the noodles are done, with the edge of the lid that has the u-shaped flaps facing down over the sink, and making sure the lid is securely on the container, drain the water out of the container (that's what the flaps are for). Shake the container once or twice to get out as much water as possible. Remove the lid. Pour the sauce over the noodles and cabbage and stir for even sauce distribution. Then top with the dried seaweed sprinkle. Instant yakisoba.

    Eat as is, or, if it's a special occasion, top with sliced, grilled Spam.

    Damn you for having a Famima. When will we have one in downtown SF?

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    1. re: Debbie M

      Debbie! You may have saved my Soba.

      With your guidance I did notice a "3" followed by that mysterious "hut" character!

      I think I'm turning Japanese, I really think so...

    2. Yeah? Well take a number ...

      UFO is not bad at all, for an "instant" meal. I don't know if there's any difference between the round package (which really had more of a UFO effect) and the square package, or if they just replaced one with the other.

      Post your impressions!

      1. There's a market called "Nijia Market" in Japan Town. They sell the U.F.O. noodles, along with other instant noodles that are pretty good.

        1. Thank you so much! I'm in Shanghai, it's raining, and I decided upon the UFO for lunch... Unfortunately, the directions (in Chinese and Japanese) both don't help me. Good instructions!

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          1. re: LiliaBillia

            Thankfully, the technology of instant yakisoba preparation hasn't changed as quickly as others ...

            Glad to be of service, even some five years later!

          2. Warning I can not read nor write Mandarin(Chinese) or Japanese.... just advice from some 31 year old American Ramen Gourmet who buys his noodles by the 24 pack cases

            the crossed out microwave means do not microwave never had the noodles you spoke of my best bet is there should be a seasoning packet to add after the rehydration of the noodles and there should be a tab to peel off after about3minets to drain the water then add the seasoning packet and stir.. this is advice only there should be a fill line that you should add simmering water do not use boiling water or the container may melt and burn you i sugest you place h heavy hard back book or heavy plate on top of the flap for the average 3min cook time for most instant noodles