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Sep 27, 2006 11:54 PM

dessert after tacos baja ensenada?

so ive been here for the past 2 wednesdays, and i always seem to have a hankering for somethng sweet after the better than ensenada fish tacos. they really are a-mazing, so light but so flavorful. the thing is, i'm always so overwhelmed over there tho, and always wind up just going back home. i like flan, cakes w/ fruit filling, somethng not tooo sweet, but just good enought to satiate. thanks for any info!

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  1. After gorging on glorious TBE fish tacos, my wife and I usually take a short drive up Atlantic to her favorite bakery, Kee Wah -- always a good stop for egg tarts (her favorite, not mine), palmiers, light Chinese cakes, etc...

    1. Wouldn't call it light - but very satisfying. Husband and I did it last week: Baja Ensenada then to Fossleman's. I had a scoop of rocky road with caramel sauce and whipped cream. He had a single scoop of cookies and cream then wound up finishing mine.


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      1. re: Lipps

        Ooh..I love their cookies n' cream. Did you happen to notice what seasonal flavors they are offering now?

        1. re: chica

          I definitely saw pumpkin - yum!

      2. Taiwanese slush from Shau May on Garvey and Garfield.

        1. Anyone know how late Raspados Zacatecas stays open?

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            Dunno about Zacatecas, but there was a raspado truck on Whittier Blvd the last time I went to this nabe this past summer. We had raspados and fresh stawberries topped with sweetened condensed milk & toasted coconut flakes. I forget what they called this. Super fresas, or something like that.

            It's on the South side of Whittier Blvd, about 3 blocks east of TBE. Look for a gleaming yellow truck with graffiti art all over it. The driver's side has a crazy clown painted on it. Can't find the photo of this thing, or I'd post it for you.

            1. re: Professor Salt

              Hey, unocal, I found the photos of the strawberries w/ condensed milk. They're on my Flickr archive, along with photos of raspados and the evil clown truck which spawned it all.


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              It was 7 or 8 PM when they (Raspados Zacatecas) politely took our sidewalk table and chairs in when we went there AND the bakery next door for cookies and flan after street weenies wrapped in bacon con todo and elotes con todo followed by fish and shrimp tacos and chilis guerros at TBE!

              1. re: PayOrPlay

                Great idea; one of RZ's raspados with homemade syrup would be a perfect dessert after fish tacos.

                Raspados Zacatecas
                422 N. Ford Blvd.
                East Los Angeles, CA 90022
                (323) 264-7651

                El Gallo Bakery (4546 E Cesar E Chavez Ave., (323) 263-5528), right around the corner, might be a decent option too. (I absolutely love those warm, buttery, slightly sweet egg bread buns they have; so damn good.)

              2. From Tacos Baja, head down Whittier towards Lorena. Make a Right towards 1st street and head into El Mercadito of East L.A. Right now, they should be starting to sell ROASTED Pumpkin in Brown Sugar and Clove Sauce... no better fall dessert is made anywhere...