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Sep 27, 2006 11:44 PM

Any Czech food?

I'm looking for good Czech food. Preferably not too far from the SFV but I'm willing to travel. I'm not looking so much for Polish or German food. I want knedliky and zeli (not German style sauerkraut) some pork or chicken followed up by some vanocka or buchty.
So, any ideas?

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  1. The only one I know of for sure is Czech-Point in Redondo Beach. It has quite a local Czech scene going with lots watching 'football' in the small place. I thought the food was just alright. Kind of bland to me but I wasn't sure what to expect. Different from German or Polish for sure.

    Citysearch lists Polka in Glendale (I liked that a lot) as well as Warszawa (also like but I thought strickly polish) as having Czech also.

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    1. re: BeachGrub

      Pretty sure that the Czech-Point is now closed.

      1. re: BeachGrub

        Czech Point closed last year-ish.

        Our esteemed Czech-in-Residence on the L.A. board is Petradish. You might try using the advanced search feature above and see what posts of hers yield clues.

      2. I asked a Czech guy in our office and he confirmed the Redondo Beach restaurant is closed and he doesn't know of any others. (He's lived in LA 20 years.) "To je skoda!"

        Since you're willing to time you are in Chicago go to Bohemia Crystal in Westmont-- --It's very authentic--90% of the customers are Czech.

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          Chicago might be a bit farther afield than originally intended but what the hey. I guess I'll have to make my own bohemian food for the time being though.

        2. I wouldn't even know what Czech food is LOL

          1. I have one recommendation from my uncle, whose czech friend is living in L.A. for 25 years and have his own restaurant in downtown.... there are only a little czech food and no dumplings but you can look at the menu, if you find something interesting...
            I have not been there yet...

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              Oh how I miss Czech Point, primarily because I had just turned 21 and was living in Redondo Beach and would always have a rousing good time there.

              Only a little Czech food at Blu Jam might be an overstatement. I counted maybe three items out of a pretty large menu.

            2. yes it is sadly true, Czech Point with its ovocne knedliky, gulas and svickova is gone and sorely missed - and while the Czech numbers may be small - we sure could use a new Czech watering hole! In the meantime - you may be pleased to learn that the Bevmo in pasadena, as well as some other independent spots (red carpet in Glendale and Galco's) have started carrying Krusovice beer as well as some other even more local brews - so hura for that!

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                My wife is a Czech citizen. therefore I am a registered full time CZ citizen by marriage. We return to Prague, Brno, Kutná Hora and Sazava every Spring. For years we have been in search of, but never found, real Czech cuisine in CA. We tend to shy away from German restaurants in our search for Czech food becaue they never seem to get it right. The Valley Hungarian Sausage Market in Pear Blossem is about the only place we have found that makes czech "koblaz" sausage as close to what's real Czech cuisine. Fact is, the best bread dumpling and gulas we have found is the stuff we make ourselves. I have a good dozen packages of Vitiara brand knedliky mix, many different types of seasoning packets for all kinds of Czech dishes, including mleto maso for awesome karbanaki & pre-made parki and spechacki (frozen). For real current Czech beers, look for Czechvar (sometimes in Trader Joes), Branik svelte (my favorite), Kozel (from Brno), Staropramen, Gambrinus, Radegast and a german made beer called Bernard (which is the current fad beer in Prague). Na zdraví!

                1. re: tleemay

                  even victor's in hollywood now stocks becherovka.

                  I"m pretty sure "Little Prague" on hollywood blvd has closed. They had decent český knedlíky.

                  maybe they moved.