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Sep 27, 2006 11:37 PM

E-mo: Kimbap made to order -- A review

In a tiny storefront located on the south side of 32 St is a relatively new Korean kimbap house. This place is the size of a closet, but inside they are busy making one thing and one thing only: kimbap made to order. About a dozen choices in filling including beef, jalapeno, mushrooms, kimchee, squid, tuna, spicy tuna etc. One order gets you a nori sheet roll worth of kimbap which translates into about 13 pieces plus a small container of miso broth for $4.50. One roll will satisfy as a moderate snack or light lunch. Me being a piggy, I got two: one beef and one kimchee.

A husband and wife work the counter making all rolls by hand after you order. They are efficient and hardworking. The rolls are very good full of goodies like egg, carrot, spinach, daikon radish and a couple mystery ingredients along with your choice. My one criticism is that the rice could have been a bit more tangy with a little more rice vinegar. Nevertheless, very tasty. A good value, especially compared to the smaller pre-packaged kimbap that's been sitting there for a time over at Woorijip.

Take-out only, no place to sit at all, although there are some outdoor seats down the block in front of the bank at Broadway and 32nd.

E-mo Kimbap
2W 32 St

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  1. i agree, i like this place alot, the kim bap is simple, but good and consistent. i think the spicy tuna is the best one by far.

    1. I love the mushroom, the ham and cheese (wierd but good) and the beef kimbaps but was disappointed in the kimchee. It doesn't seem to hit my kimchee craving buttons, it tastes like a bland veggie roll (KoFoo makes a killer kimchee kimbap!). But the others are great - especially the mushroom. They use a meaty tasting mushroom that is marinated in something yummy.