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Sep 27, 2006 11:30 PM

Girls weekend in St. Louis

My wife is meeting her friends in St. Louis for a girls-only weekend. They are staying in the central west end area and would love recommendations for a fun girls night out. Or two.

One restriction: must be smoke free as one of the friends is pregnant.

They will have a car so it doesn't have to be walking distance, but they also don't want to spend hours in the car getting to their destination.

Good dessert is a must have.

We have looked at the St. Louis posts going back as far as about 6 months but didn't really find a post that really fit the bill. But if there is a post that someone thinks has the right info, pointing us in that direction would be great as well.

Thanks in advance.

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  1. Depoends on what the girls are looking for.

    Great cuisine: Niche, Atlas, Eleven Eleven, An American Place.

    Old St. Louis haute cuisine: Tony's.

    New York like ambience with great steaks anf live jazz: Mihalis on McCausland.

    1. The ladies will have a lot of options in the central west end:
      Liluma had some good buzz going when it opened- I have not noticed a lot of follow up. It would be good for a boozie lunch. On that - try Moxy- fun, reasonable- great desserts and a brilliant bar tender with a grand accent( makes anything sound good). Majestic and Wild flower both make great Sunday brunch options(wildflower has more delicate drink options.).
      Bissengers' original chocolate store is up on McPhearson- try the Molassas lollypops and they make the only glorious candy corn(really!) I have ever had.
      Others will have recs from the area- a lot have seem better days.
      Atlas is close and you can't get a more satisfying meal in my book.(Niche and AM Place are pricy)
      I might skip eleven eleven and check out the new neighbor- Vin de set I think) ; It has a grand outdoor/rooftop patio space and well reced food.

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      1. re: stlSarah

        I may be mistaken but I could swear I read a review of Vin de set that said the wine selection was quite good and reasonable, great view, but the food and service was a bit lacking. I believe it was shortly after opening but I might be mistaken here.

        1. re: stlSarah

          Anyone been to Vin de Set recently? How was it?

        2. I can't speak to smoke free or not but Terrene is really one of my favorites in town. They have a good wine list and the food is very tasty. It's in the CWE on Sarah.

          They might want to try Bailey's (is that the name?) Chocolate Bar in Lafayette Square. I haven't personally been there but heard that it's fun.

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          1. re: shannoninstlouis

            I will second the recommendation of Bailey's. If not there, Cyrano's in Webster Groves is a nice place too.


          2. Must hit this place for drinks @ least...if not a full meal. Shabby chic, pretty crowd.

            1. I suggest that they drive south on Kingshighway, turn left on Manchester, and spend some time at The Atomic Cowboy with its neat atmosphere, nice food, and non-smoking rule (the smokers have to go out back where they have their own bar).

              The Central West End is filled with options that don't need a car. Savor has excellent food and sometimes has cabaret going on. SubZero, if they are sleek and trendy women, has branched out from just serving sushi with their vodka drinks. And Cafe Eau is right in the Chase Park Plaza so they can dine, drink, and see a movie.

              In the daytime, they can take a short drive to Forest Park, where the Jewel Box, Turtle Island, and the Zoo are worthy of a visit, and two museums (Art and History) have their own worthy restarants. while the Boathouse restaurant on the little lake is a local favorite.