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Sep 27, 2006 11:09 PM

Best Chinese in Chinatown?

What's the best Chinese in Chinatown?

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  1. Here are two recent threads with a lot of discussion of Chinatown restaurants.



    But the best? My opinion changes day to day. I love Cantoon Garden and East Ocean (though my meal last week at the latter wasn't up to par, so who knows?). I dont think anyone will agree on best.

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      Another vote for Cantoon Garden and East Ocean--but my last visit to Cantoon was subpar. Probably #1 cook's night off.

      1. re: Chandavkl

        I had 2 mediocre experiences also. On both occasions the fish dishes were muddy.

        1. re: csw

          I've found Cantoon Garden to be better than usual the past few visits. I went again tonight. The chef was there, patrolling the dining room, not strutting proudly like a celebrity chef, but with a look of astonishment -- all these people came to eat MY food, I must be asleep and dreaming, dont wake me.

          I ordered something from a wall poster in Chinese. I thought it would be something incredibly exotic and I got....sweet and sour fish. But it was superb. The fish,a big chunk of carp, bones and all, was brushed with a thin, very salty coating... so it was salt baked. It was wonderfully moist. On top was a mountain of pickled carrots and jicama (or something like jicama) And over it all was the sweet and sour sauce of my childhood, ketchup and all. I couldnt complain, that was what I ordered, even if I didnt know it. And it was really good despite the sauce.

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            Brian - The weird and interconnected ways of the world - maybe Abrams and Lindelof of "Lost" have it right ... Earlier today I happened to reply to your recent query about my original years-old post re: my search for a good Northern Indian restaurant. Now I'm posting a pre-dining note thanking you for your suggestion of Cantoon Garden. Reading your posts has engendered some trust in you as a foody, so I'm a-gonna take up your suggestion and take my best friend and his husband there. I'll post a note on our experience/sense of the food for what it's worth. Certainly the board (can't remember if you commented on this) were NOT wrong about Mas: fantastic food, fantastic design, fantastic service.

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              Oh I'm thrilled you trust me, a bit anxious too in case it doesn't go well! My current Chinatown favorite is Amazing 66. I just ate there again last night.


              And if you haven't seen my guide to Chinatown post, have a look, it might help:

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                NOW you tell me this!
                Well, reservtions can be changed. I'll go read your post. Alley

    2. Its a debatable subject and there will never be a BEST one. I must say I agree with most of the restaurants suggested, however its what you feel most comfortable in. Some are barewalls with minimal/grungy decor serving great food, and others are slicker in decor catering to the westernized crowd with fantastic food albeit pricey. Nevertheless its all still the best.

      1. My favorite is still Cantoon Garden and Danny Ng both Cantonese. I'm giving East Ocean a try tomorrow. I've noticed that if I go weekdays the food may be different than on weekends at Cantoon.

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          different, as in better? it's on my list to try, so it would be good to know when it's preferable to go.

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            Different as in "not better". I think its better on weekends.
            The steamed eel in black bean sauce is pretty good. Also they got 2 lobsters for $19.99. You can get it with EFu noodles and XO sauce for $25.