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Rec. for Steakhouse in Westchester

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Would like some recommendations for a good steakhouse in any part of Westchester for a special birthday dinner. Price does not matter, but would like to try places other than Morton's, Ruth Chris,Willett House or TollGate. How about Flames in Briarcliff? Never been there; or any other recs. would be appreciated. Thanks!

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  1. Frankie & Johnnies in Rye is my favorite by far!

    1. i posted this months ago, reposting here:

      first, flames. i had heard great things about this steakhouse, so i went in with high expectations. thursday evening, 6 pm - and there were only 2 other people there (!). the waitstaff was diligent - whether it was because there was nothing else to do or the normal service, i don't know.

      the food...i had the ahi tuna appetizer, which was exceptional. seared, a nice coating on each of the 5 small pieces, and a soy sauce with wasabi inside was quite flavorful.

      for the main meal - of course, steak. had the t-bone ($48), obviously priced at nyc prices, but it was quite good. perfectly cooked - i wanted it a rare, more done than a black and blue, and that's how i got it. no spices on this, all juices / flavor were from the aging. i found out that all their meats are aged 3-4 weeks; 3 if they have a ton of people coming in, 4 at all other times. i don't rate it up there with luger or del frisco, but comparable to mark joseph's.

      1. I think Frankie & Johnnies in Rye is overrated. From my experience, unless you are a regular, you are treated as a second class citizen. The tables are small and very close together (I spent most of the evening ducking as to avoid being hit by a passing try carried by the waiters going by) and I did not think the food or service was superior to Mortons or Willet House.

          1. I've had very good steak at the Willet house in Port Chester. You pay NYC prices, but I find the quality to be very similar. That said, it's been at least two years since I was last there, though I don't expect it to change that much.

            it's a stereotypical steakhouse.

            1. I too like Willett House and cannot think of any other places in the area.

              I am reading the posts on Mo's and Blue Stone and am wondering -- when DOES food become too expensive? $88. for porterhouse for two seems outrageous to me.

              Well, let us know what you pick EIF1lady and how you like it, and Happy Birthday!

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                $88 for two is expensive, though, not unheard of for steak, unfortunately. But, for that price, I expect Peter Luger quality (which is about what they charge, if I remember correctly).

                - Adam

              2. We call the Willet House the wallet house for obvious reasons. Haven't been there in a while, but were stunned by the ridiculously high prices when we went. We buy aged beef at Stu Leonard's in Yonkers and then throw it on the barbie. A better end result at a fraction of the price.

                1. Another vote for Flames here. We used to go regularly (and then the porterhouse for 2 was $56) and only once out of numerous times did we have any complaints. In general the steak was the best we'd ever had (no we have not yet been to Peter Luger), always cooked the way we ordered it (no, not well done!!) sides were good, loved the seared tuna, as mentioned previously, salads good, wonderful chocolate dessert (if you have room). Service was always exemplary (well, except for that one time). And one other time it was like watching a well-executed dance. Dress is anything from jeans to evening clothing--everyone can be comfortable.