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Sep 27, 2006 10:29 PM

Belgian Fries!

Hello fellow food mongers! I am looking for a place that has authentic belgian fries and sauces. Any recs out there?

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  1. You could try Father's Office on Montana (in Santa Monica). I'm not sure if they have all of the traditional mayo options or if they only have one with which they serve them, but I've heard positive reviews from many.

    1. Well, if your definition of belgian fries requires the twice fried approach, the new Oinkster opening this weekend in Eagle Rock might provide you with one option, whether proximate to you I have no idea, but the fries are really tasty.
      As to the sauces, Andre Guerrero is chef/owner of the Oinkster and will be providing all homemade dipping sauces, but these will be of the somewhat familiar flavors as in catsup and mayo, etc.

      1. Carter -- what's the scoop on this place? If they're not open yet, how did you get to try the fries? Have you tried other stuff, and if so, is it good?

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          Read my reply on the oinkster on another thread. The pastrami and the fries have been available at Max restaurant in Sherman Oaks, where I live, for about the past 2 months or so on Monday nights, while the fries have been available for nearly the past year with the filet mignon entree, which at under $30 is one of the best meals anywhere, assuming those items are of interest.
          A mini version of the pastrami sandwich was available at the Savor the Seasons benefit at the Hollywood Palladium a couple of weeks ago as well.
          Andre is one of the best chefs in southern California, and has had lengthy talks with Norm Langer, as just an example, regarding pastrami. That is how thorough he is in determining the way pastrami should be prepared, with modifications as only Andre might choose.

        2. Oh, how I miss Benita's Frites on the SM Promenade.

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            EVERYONE misses that place. But the Promenade now has the same stores as a thousand other foot malls in a thousand other American cities. I miss the gyros at Egyptian Lover that were in the same food court as Benita's.

          2. I stumbled upon this place when making dinner plans before a performance in Laguna. Who knew it would be soooo good?


            It's not near, but it's authentic.