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Sep 27, 2006 10:27 PM

Rec a romantic restaurant

Husband and I will celebrate our first anniversary. Rec a nice ambiance, good food, enough to eat, great chocolate souffle, and w/in Hollywood to SGV area. Willing to travel to west la too. Thanks

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  1. Off Vine is a nice choice for american comfort food with souffle. the restaurant is set in a cozy house with a cute garden patio. in the hollywood area. happy anniversary!

    1. Used to got to Off Vine frequently. It seems to have gotten stale lately. Sorry

      1. Places for good eats and souffle in you neighborhood:

        Hotel Bel Air
        Jiraffe (w/ lemon version)
        Arroyo Parkway (chocolate and grand marnier versions)
        Norman's <-- highly recommend. Their online menu lists chocolate souffle, though I have not had it there. I had their spice creams and their new world 'banana split' is out of this world.

        Happy Anniversary!

        1. The best chocolate souffle i've had so far is at Roy's. it is in downtown L.A.

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            oh yes, Roy's. But, when I think souffle -- I like to think big, as in tall, as in you gotta pour cream into it before you dig in.

            That said, another smaller decadent chocolate souffle that never disappoints is the one at Grand Luxe Cafe. I never leave the place without ordering one. I've also heard Charthouse does a good rendition.

          2. The Little Door, smoking patio, even if you don't smoke. It's like being in Europe for a few hours

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            1. re: basilboy

              But their desserts are daily chalked onto a blackboard, so I wouldn't trust a chocolate souffle on it. I've also found that they do better tarts and sorbettos.