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Sep 27, 2006 10:13 PM

Dipping Things in Chocolate

I've finally decided to get around to one of my chocolate fantasies: dipping things in chocolate. At the moment, I'm dreaming of chocolate-covered potato chips (actually, Pringles and TJs crinkle-cut) and Midnight Rum Balls (recipe posted by AnneInMpls). Do you have any suggestions for other chocolate-coated foods that are not readily available at TJs?

Will dipping the rum balls be a problem because of the liquid content, or the possibility of crumbs falling in? Should I roll the rum balls in cocoa or sugar first? I've never seen these, so is this a bad idea altogether?

Ans what's the best instrument to use for dipping potato chips? I've been thinking of buying a pair of tweezers. . .

I am also hoping to use a gadget I got at a discount store--Salton's "Melted Bliss", though it only holds about 1 1/4 cups of chocolate. It consists of a nonstick cup placed into a base with a heating elelment that allows some heat control. I'm wondering if anyone out there has had any experience with it. I've seen something nearly identical at Scharffenberger's at the SF Ferry Plaza selling for about 3 times the price.

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  1. doesn't crock pot make a little dip size pot?
    dipping slightly dried fruit would be yumm. How about nut combinations- say sunflower seeds and pistachios? Nutsonline has dried mango...
    Keep us posted

    1. I'd just dip chips using my clean fingers and only go as far as that allows. Can't help thinking that salty kettle chips would taste really good here. Or homemade if you're so inclined!

      Rum balls, delicious! If you're making rum balls you could also make some without the rum and add other flavorings such as Grand Marnier, coffee, creme de menthe...

      Dip soft caramels, then sprinkle on some coarse salt.

      Orange segments, strawberries, bananas.

      Roasted coffee beans.

      Cheesecake bites.

      we just use fondue pots. your salton sounds like it should be fine.

      1. Pretzels! Don't forget pretzels!

        1. Are you wanting to dip things and eat immediatly or dip and let harden? If you want it to harden you will need to temper your chocolate or use confectionary coating:(.

          1. Wow! So many ideas. Wish I found this site last week. I just made some chocolate covered strawberries this past Sat. for my Anniversary picnic. I still have more chocolate left over and I can't wait to experiment. We are moving so I'm in a temp. apartment til we can sell the house, so don't have all my kitchen gadgets, I used a small pot and a ceramic soup bowl on top creating a double boiler, worked great. Not fancy at all but it did the job.