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Sep 27, 2006 09:50 PM

I need to find killer buffalo wings

aside from getting in the car and driving to NY - where do I go in Boston :) the posts online are old and the recent ones are not good!

cheap and late night eats are a huge plus...


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  1. when i lived in harvard square, i always liked cambridge common (north of the square on mass ave). they have good wings - both boneless and bony (bonefull?); get an order along with their beer sampler. and they're open till 1 or 2 am, depending on the night.


    1. In Framingham, not Boston. But open late and really good wings

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      1. re: hargau

        I went to The Chickenbone for the first time last week and was unimpressed.

        The skin on the wings was rubbery and they were drowning in sauce. Decent heat in the buffalo sauce though. A dozen went for just under $9.

        I'm still looking for the wings from my college days in upstate NY, crispy wings with just enough sauce to add flavor and heat without sogging down the skin.

        I had some very nice Rochester style wings at Silvertones recently. It's a sweet/hot glaze that's very addicting. Not crispy though.

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          Let me know if you find them. Something like pontillos buffalo or Chester Cab. Were Silvertones like Country Sweet? You say not crispy so im guessing they were not battered like country sweet.

          1. re: hargau

            The sauce was very similar to country sweet. Not battered though. The wings were very big/meaty too. (FYI Christmass Tree shop had country sweet sauces a few months ago)

            Pontillo's and Chester Cab....Your giving me some serious cravings. My fave in ROC were at the Distillery. They were almost too "well done" but that's how I like them.

            At least now we can get Beef on Weck at All Star

      2. While I have never been, over the years many posters have raved about the wings at Buff"s Pub in Newton Corner (right off the Pike)and friends who have been echo this.

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          Buff's is the best I've found- my base of comparison is going to school in central NY, where they really know how to do wings right.

        2. I second Cambridge Commons. Also, try Redbones in Davis Square - they have great grilled wings and I believe I had good buffalo style wings there as well (?) .

          1. Believe it or not Uncle Petes in Revere has the absolute best buffalo wings I have ever had. They are unlike the typical red sauced buffalo wings with blue cheese- they are so totally different and delicious you will never want to go back to the "usual" styled wings again.

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              Having eaten at Uncle Pete's and left in sugar shock - there was sugar in the "cornbread", the slaw, the "baked" beans, the mac & cheese, not to mention the strange-tasting BBQ sauce, I would guess they cover their wings in some sweet gloppy sauce. How were they different?