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Sep 27, 2006 09:43 PM

Tender Greens--stingy

I love this place. I've eaten much of what's on the menu. I'm trying to fight off a cold, and went over there for two orders of soup and that lemonade. They were low on the chicken soup and she was scraping the bottom to fill the containers. There was some space in the second container and I asked if she can add a little more soup, and she said, NO, that's the fill line, that's how much you would get if you ate it here. There are no markings on the container, btw, plus she had filled the first one up a little more. Then I asked if I could get some bread with the soup. NO, bread does not come with the soup. That bread is a skinny little 1/4 inch toasted slice.
I get that they are trying to be economically efficient for the restaurant's bottom line, but good freakin grief.

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  1. Better be careful, or "No soup for you!"

    1. I've been to Tender Greens 4 times (I think). I liked it so much the first time (had mainly the seared ahi salad) that I went back the next day. I remember thinking the portions were quite generous for the price. The last time I went, last week, I felt that the portions were a little skimpier, but it may have been because I got the salads to go. But it seemed to be a change from my initial experience there. Maybe with success they are sticking to the bottom line (and the "fill line") a little closer.

      1. I asked for a piece of bread last time and they gladly gave me one - no hassle and no charge. Might just be the server you get, can't really blame a person behind a counter for following the rules. Maybe you're being stingy for not buying the bread? ThatPat might be right though.

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          No. Bread should come with soup! I was at BLD once and I asked for bread to go with my eggs or something or soup. They charged me for it and it wasn't fresh baked bread it was just two slices of the most basic bread around. Bread, water, salt and pepper are staples. Considering the mark ups, that should be comped.

        2. I had the same experience with the bread, but when I offered to buy a piece, the server looked at me as if I was speaking Martian. Another server then just handed me the toast and didn't charge me for it. They must just not figured out that people like bread with their soup and haven't established a clear policy on it.

          1. Skimpy Skimpy Skimpy!

            Last Friday, ordered salad with Ahi Tuna, came out to 4 slices of tuna each the size of a skinny malnutritioned 2-year old's finger! Where's the beef?

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              For the reasonable price the portions are reasonable.

              1. re: tatertots

                "skinny malnutritioned 2-year old's finger" haha