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Sep 27, 2006 09:10 PM

Baltimore Greek

I have one day, sunday, unfortuantely, to have a good greek dinner. Which rest in Greektown is a chowhound favorite ?


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  1. Definitely go to Samos on Oldham St. The best (and probably least expensive) restaurant in Greektown. Keep in mind they only take cash, you might have to wait a while and I think it's BYOB.

    1. Also, I'm not positive that Samos is open on Sundays. Check first.

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      1. re: amaebi

        they are not open, is Ikaros allright ?

      2. Ikaros is fine..this is homestyle Greek...Great fried Squid,
        oven baked potatos and string beans with tomatos...They also serve pretty good crab soup[

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        1. re: Hue

          The string beans with tomatoes were nothing special. I suspect they came out of a can.

          But the fried squid is magnificent -- among the best I've ever had. The oven baked potatoes were good too.

          Definitely get the squid.

        2. I have always likd Zorba's. They specialize in grilled foods. Checkout what's on the spit over the wood fire. On weekends they may have a whole lamb turning up there. I also like the grilled octopus.

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          1. re: jfish

            As much as I like Nick and the gang at Samos, and I appreciate Ikaros, Acropolis, and the other "Greektown" faves, I second the vote for Zorba's. My recs (aside from whatever's "on the spit" on the weekends) would include the kantosouvli (come HUNGRY!), the endives, and if they have the sweetbreads, those are also a good choice. I've not delved much into their seafood options, but every "fish of the day" I've seen pass my table on the way to another has looked and smelled wonderful, so I wouldn't hesitate to recommend those.

            As noted in some of the posts above, the local Greek restaurants tend to not excel on the veggie sides. At Zorba's, I'd stick to the endive and the roasted potatoes.

            Also, if you want to go upscale, and veer toward seafood, you may want to do a search for previous discussions of Black Olive, which is not in "Greektown", but does get some good notices.

            1. re: Warthog

              I live in Chicago, which has, perhaps, one of the most active "Greektowns" in the country, with over a dozen Greek restaurants, bakeries and specialty shops in a four-block area. Yet, for my money, the Black Olive in Fells Point is the best Greek restaurant I have ever visited, and certainly with its insistence on the freshest of fish, probably far closer to the real thing. Not cheap, but several times when we have been in Baltimore for one night, Black Olive has been our restaurant of choice of all Baltimore restaurants, Greek or otherwise.

              1. re: jbw

                OK, being from the south 'burbs of Chi-town originally, which of the Halsted corridor Greektown places gets your vote?
                And to explain to the moderators how that's related to this board, I ask to give me way to calibrate the comment. If I know which places the poster likes there (having some experience with them myself), it will give me some idea of what to make of the comments about restaurants here.

                1. re: Warthog

                  Actually, my favorite place in Chicago's Greektown is the Artopolis Bakery, which has, IMO, the most European ambience (altho quite a limited menu). For the rest, I find the quality, offerings, and value of many of the Halsted St. restaurants to be remarkably similar, altho if I'm looking for seafood I'll head for Santorini's, for gyros The Parthenon, and for general fun and group-ambience Greek Islands. I avoid Costa's, since I've had a couple of disappointing meals there. None of these, however, compare with Black Olive, which, imo, is in a different league altogether, like comparing (to take an Italian example) Tufano's with Spiaggia.

                2. re: jbw

                  thanks, Atlanta, where I live, has only one decent greek place, well it is VERY decent, but it sounds like black olive, in that it is high end and the fish is flown in from Greece. If you are ever in ATL (against your will) go to it, I guarantee it will satify. It is called Kyma. I think I'll try Zorba's since I am looking for old school, which is utterly unrepresented down here.

                  1. re: jbw

                    One word of caution re: the Black Olive, they are primarily a seafood restaurant with fresh fish. After a busy weekend, the selection of fish on Sunday is sometimes lacking.

                  2. re: Warthog

                    The grilled fish has been consistently good. Usually rockfish or redsnapper. One time I got some kind of smallish red colored fish(not snapper)deepfried that was excellent. I think they took the sweetbreads off the menue, but they aredefinitely worth asking for.