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Sep 27, 2006 09:03 PM


I have been craving chocolate, chocolate cake for a few days now, any suggestions on where I can get a good one on the westside.

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  1. Chocolate fudge cake slices (drool) are sold at the Benes' bakery in Vicente Foods and Gelsons. How much harm can a slice do?

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      I don't want an LA size slice, I want like a Claim Jumper size slice, so I will probably have to spend 2 hours at the Gym for this indulgence, but worth every mouthful!

    2. black and white cake at la provence in BH on olympic and la peer. airy chocolate cake with callebaut choc. mousse with strawberries. black and white callebaut panels and choc dipped strawberries on the side. not dense. surprisingly, it's very light.

      1. The fattier and heavier the better

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        1. re: pamm5959

          Please post if you find a good one. I'm thinking, rich chocolate layered cake with rich chocolate frosting. I get these cravings now and then, but have no patience and run out to the nearest place, inevitably a supermarket, and then that craving dies after two bites.

        2. gelson's in century city now carries sweet lady jane cakes, whole or by the [very large] slice. and scoff if you will, but i really like the chocolate blackout cake at cheesecake factory. huge and dense and very chocolately. i'm not a fan of their other chocolate layer cake - someone's fudge cake i think it's called.

          1. it's not quite a layer cake but the texas chocolate cake from bristol farms is rich, heavy and super duper moist. every time i eat it i feel the fat just waiting to make a new home on my hips. the slices are generous and always fresh.