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The Best Veal or Chicken Parm?

Any thoughts on the best Veal or Chicken Parm that you have had in any of the boroughs?

So far the best I have had (and there have been many) has been at Lioni's mozzarelle in Bensonhurst. This is by far the best hero that I have ever had.

My problem is that it is very hard for me to get there and I am seeking something of this caliber. Is it possible?

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  1. Defonte's in Red Hook has some of the best hero's I've had. Their chicken parm is delicious and their meatball parm is out of this world. I think it's a combination of their sauce and the rolls they use -it's all really fresh. Huge portions too, I can barely eat half of a "small".

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      Can you supply the address for Defonte's in RH ? I've got to try this place out. TIA.

    2. I don't know the exact address but it's on the corner of Columbia St. and Luquer St.
      FYI-it's a take-out only place, but there's a great park called Coffey Park about 2 blocks away that has benches and picnic tables. If you walk south on Dwight St. past the loft building, you'll see it on the corner of Dwight & Verona.

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        Thank you much. I'll be going to the park with my fine eats.

      2. You should also consider trying their wonderful roast beef hero. It's at 379 Columbia St., a couple of blocks south of the BQE & the Battery tunnel entrance, aka Hamilton Ave. If you're driving, a trip straight down Columbia will bring you onto a nice pier with a pleasant parking area that sticks out into the harbor.

        1. Also, if you go around breakfast time or brunch on saturday (they're closed sundays and only open until 3pm on other days), they have an amazing egg&potato or egg&peppers (my fave) sandwiches. You really can't go wrong. I've never had a bad sandwich there.

          1. do you know how to get to this place by subway?

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              Get off at the Carroll St. F stop and exit at 2nd Place entrance. Walk west to Henry and south to 4th place. You'll see a pedestrian bridge around the corner of the school on Coles St.(a small dead end). Cross bridge, turn left on Hamilton Ave. on the other side of the bridge and walk to the next corner which is a 3-way intersection. Luquer St. is one of the streets. follow it one block to Defonte's. Yumm!

            2. Invaluable resource for getting around: ---> http://www.hopstop.com/

              1. Acme Pizza on the corner of 9th Street and 7th ave in Brooklyn, above the F train.

                1. CATENE DELI - 4th ave and 9th st park slope- amazing chicken parm! available with sweet, medium, or spicy sauce! the chicken is always cooked fresh, sauces are amazing (the spicy will kick your ass), great fresh bread, good mozz- everything you'd ever want in a chicken parm- i'd personally say it destroys Lionni's Latticini chicken parm- the last chicken parm i had at lionni's was almost burnt (not in a good way- not really burnt just hard as a rock), obviously reheated in a microwave, overflowing and overpowering the hero roll which was falling apart, the sauce was nice and the mozz was excellent, but i'd venture to say that CATENE smokes it any day - i personally also believe that CATENE smokes Difontes too, but that's just me, even the brooklyn roast beef at CATENE is stupendous! difontes is great, classic, but CATENE wins for me every time- just superb!!!!!!!!