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Sep 27, 2006 08:48 PM

Party of 30 Staying at Marriott Marquis 44th West Side

I am organizing a dinner of 15 couples (dentists and their spouses) who are staying at the Marriott Marquis on 44th Street. Can anyone reccomend a restaurant that will create a semi-lively, yet upscale evening with great food for this group. trying to stay around $85 a head

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  1. If you can plan in enough advance try to book the back area at Saka Gura on the eastside. It is delish authentic Japanese food in a setting that people often find a bit speakeasy-ish and exciting. I have eatne there with a group of about 20, as well as in more intimate numbers, and it has always been a great experience with lots of choices for picky eaters...

    Also there is an old steak house in the high 30's, is it called Kelly's?, that many people have recommended but that I have never tried. They may be able to work out something for you.
    Lastly, there is Koi at the Bryant Park Hotel, I've eaten there and enjoyed my meal (though some people are not as pleased) and while it is somewhat expensive, it is a great atmosphere for people who want a very urban, sexy city feel. Can't say whether you would get away with 85 a head.

    Above all call and ask if the restaurant could create a prix fixe menu for your party, seeing as you have a good sized group there is a very good chance the chef and his staff will help you out.

    Enjoy your experience, wherever it may take you!

    1. Keen's Chophouse is the place you refer to. I don't think you can get out at $85 per head at a steakhouse, though i believe their menu is online and you can see.

      1. Perhaps you could work out something with L'Impero on Tudor Place?

        1. I went to a luncheon a few months ago at Battery Gardens in Battery Park. It's right on the water... beautiful views... good food. We had a 4-course prix fixe menu. Just a thought...

          1. OOPS!! I left out the most important part, I would prefer the restaurant to be within walking distance of the hotel. Apologies. Any ideas.

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              While there is lots of good food to be found in the vicinity of the Marriott, upscale restaurants within easy walking distance are not exactly abundant. In addition, presuming you mean the $85 to cover everything, i.e., food, drinks, tax & tip, that severely limits the options. If you insist on dining nearby, your best bet would be an early pre-theater prix-fixe.

              dbBistro Moderne, on 44th St., b/t 5th & 6th Avs., is 4-star chef Daniel Boulud's upscale take on modern French bistro cuisine. The food is excellent, service is pleasant and efficient, and the contemporary decor is attractive. I'm pretty certain there is a pre-theater prix-fixe for about $40.


              LCB Brasserie (fka La Cote Basque), on 55th St., b/t 5th & 6th Avs., definitely offers a pre-theater 3-course prix-fixe for around $40. There are abundant choices on the prix-fixe, all of which come directly from the more expensive a la carte menu. Despite "down-scaling" a few years ago, Chef/owner Jean-Jacques Rachou still serves excellent French classic dishes. Service remains very professional. While the pretty murals are gone, the current decor is quite handsome and has a certain elegance.

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                Metrazur might be a good choice for you. A few blocks walk to Grand Central Station. Private room, though I don't remember if 30 will fit. Charlie Palmer food, not too adventurous -- meat and seafood. Reasonably priced. Because of location, not too quiet or formal.