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Sep 27, 2006 08:23 PM

Chick-N-Joy... finally tried it.

So after several years of driving past Chick-N-Joy on Queen East (east of Greenwood before Coxwell) I finally hit them up for takeout on Monday. I came across a good review on here (from Feb. 2006) so figured I'd give them a shot. Fairly clean place, an interesting assortment of autographs on the wall (Chris Rock and Al Pacino have dined there?), friendly service and the food was ready pretty quick.

The good... the fresh cut fries were great, wouldn't be out of place at a good fish & chips shop. The homemade coleslaw was also very tasty.

The decent... the chicken itself was just ok, was very similar to KFC original recipe in flavour/appearance but a bit better (ie. more juicy, crispy skin). I was hoping for something out of this world but unfortunately this was not it.

The bad... the (bright yellow) chicken gravy, no wonder it was free with the meal (although I admit to dunking my fries in it).

So back to Popeyes for me I guess. Why can't Mary Browns open in the downtown area!!

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  1. Wow, I'm sure that gravy has put more guys underground than Al Capone.

    1. Yes! They still have the yellow gravy! I love that stuff. Gross, I know, but I do!

      1. I second the Mary-Browns-in-downtown opinion!! MmmMmMmMmmm.. Mary Browns. Taters 'n chicken....................

        1. The chicken filet sandwich at Mary Browns is a thing of beauty... yet to find a better one anywhere.

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          1. re: Vise

            I like Mary Browns but IMO the best fast food chicken sandwiches are the Spicy Asiago Bacon Chicken at Wendys or the Popeyes sandwiches (their fish and popcorn are good too...)

          2. personally I would call their french fries the best in the land. Anywhere.