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Sep 27, 2006 08:22 PM

Romantic & Good food, Long Beach

Hi Everyone, this is my 1st post and in dire need for help. My 2nd anniv is coming up and I am in need of a romantic restaurant in the Long Beach. From reading reviews I have seen: Cafe Piccolo (rated best food vs all others), L'Opera, and La Traviata. Which would you recommend? Food should be good but also rommantic, after dinner i am taking my g/f for a Gondola ride in Napel Islands... a few mins from LB; hence, why it needs to be near.
Also, any place good and cozy for drinks after the Gondola ride would be appreciated: so far i have come accross: Sky Room, Allegria, Sevilla.
thank U LOTS

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  1. Have you looked at Christy's? It might be nicer and more intimate than Piccolo, but they are both right near Naples. L'Opera and La Traviata are both farther away.

    1. scottyp is right-on with his recommendation. Christy's has good food (Italian), comfortable booths, subtle lighting; go there for romantic. It's on Broadway, about 15 minutes from Naples Island.

      After your gondola ride, stop in at Biggs for a drink at the bar. They cater to a young, hip crowd and make a mean version of the ubiquitous mojito. I think they're overpriced for food, but they serve "small plate" style, in case you're still a little hungry. Biggs is on 2nd Street, in Belmont Shore.

      1. I think the tiny Cafe Gazelle in Belmont Shore is very romantic for Italian dinner. Quite cozy as they only have a few small tables and you feel like you are almost in the kitchen with the delicious cooking aromas.

        1. Well Christy's is definitely getting the votes here. I checked their website and too bad no pics. Is there music in there? Seems some of the other Italian places have.
          thanks for the info!!

          1. any other takers for drinks while out on LB?
            I think i have decided on Christy's since it seems to be the 'go to' place... thanks for all the info