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Sep 27, 2006 08:19 PM

Help me! I need a vegan and meat eater friendly restaurant!

I have a vegan in law and meat eating parents coming to visit for Thanksgiving. I am having a hard time finding anything suitable to all because of how picky they all are. The meat eaters don't do indian, fusion, or anything too much off the beaten track. In the world of chains, they are Chili's/Applebee's kind of people. Suggestions? I was thinking of straight forward Greek or Italian, both of which are vegan friendly... but is there a kind of straight forward, steak and potato kind of place that also has vegan friendly food? Thanks.

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  1. would they do any sort of middle eastern? i'm guessing not...
    hmm...maybe chinese?

    1. What about something like Union Square Cafe? It is a very NY restaurant, but the menu is relatively non-threatening and has plenty to offer everyone.

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        The o.p. doesn't specifically say, but if it's for Thanksgiving Day dinner, USC is out because Danny Meyer traditionally closes all his restaurants that day.

      2. I don't need it for Thanksgiving Day.

        1. Do you mean vegan or vegetarian? That's a crucial difference. Many places can offer wonderful vegetarian, but when you eliminate all the animal products, including eggs and dairy, it's a bit trickier.

          It also occurs to me that you might ask the vegan in-law outright what kinds of places they like to eat at.

          And hey, we have Chili's and Applebee's here in the Big Apple. If they're picky and they like chains, let them eat chains!

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            I mean vegan.... and yes, I think that Wilfrid is probably right: the answer is "NO".

          2. I thought about this, and to be honest I think the answer is probably no. Very briefly, in the East Village, there was an organic restaurant which served vegan dishes and also things like short ribs. It closed.

            You already know that you can do Italian, Greek, and so on. Are there really steak-type restaurants which are friendly to vegans? No, because the vegetable sides tend to have butter and cream.

            If you went upscale, you could make special requests: but given the Applebees reference, I doubt if that's what you want.