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Sep 27, 2006 07:36 PM

Crush, Union or Mistral

I'm going to be visiting from LA and have one dinner slot left to choose. Its between Crush, Union and Mistral and have read mixed reviews from previous posts. Quality of food is more important than price and I'm looking for the best Northwest experience. Any pros and cons of these restaurants would be appreciated.

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  1. I'd place Mistral first---the set menu (there is no ala carte ordering) is wonderful and the dishes are truly finessed. Mistral is a long, slow evening that should satisfy any food lover.
    Union isexcellent as well and would also be a good choice. Crush is overbooked, the tables too close together and overrated in my opinion.

    1. I liked Union slightly more the Mistral; with Mistral, if you don't like the menu, you're SOL for the evening. Not good if you have some picky eaters amongst your group. Crush is okay but is a little overrated in my book

      Have you considered Sitka and Spruce? Big yum for not alot of money.

      1. Mistral will usually try to accomodate if you tell them your preferences at the time that you order (or better yet, when you make your reservation)

        Veil also has a great seafood tasting menu (must specify in advance)

          1. Crush is overrated and has bad service. Union over salts their food. Mistral is the premier foodie experience. Enough said.