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Sep 27, 2006 07:24 PM

Food Processor/Blender Combo

I'm looking for a food processor/Blender combo for occassional (not heavy) use. The only one I've seen is the Cuisine Art duet. Does anyone have any experience with this appliance and if you would recommend it? Any other appliance that's like this out there that I do not know about?

Thanks for the help.

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  1. I've got it and I don't mind it. I haven't used the shredding disc yet but I have used the processor and the blender. They work fine for me. The blender is glass but the processor bowl and most of the parts are plastic. Can feel a little flimsy. I bought the combo for space issues and I don't use either piece heavily. If you are planning to use them a lot you should consider the two appliances seperately.

    1. I got one of those, and it's sitting in it's box after I used it twice. The food processor had trouble with pesto! And the blender isn't very powerful either, had trouble with frozen fruit pieces. I would not recommend it at all. It was a waste of money. It's really much better to buy two machines.

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        1. i have this and it works great! i have space issues and cannot buy both separately but i love this! i probably use mine once every 2 wks or so and have used the shredder disc for cutting veggies which is so convinient especially for thinly sliced onions. i have made smoothies in the blender and if you dont use fruit right out of the freezer its fine. let the fruit sit out for like 1/2 hr and its good. i bought it because i got braces so i made quite a few smoothies...