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Sep 27, 2006 07:08 PM

Deerfield Garden question (attn: Jerome)

Jerome- on your advice I'm going to go to Deerfield Garden to check out the pot stickers, etc. I speak nothing but English- will this be a problem? what exactly should I order from the menu


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  1. I'm not Jerome, but I don't speak Chinese either and I didn't have a problem at Deerfield Garden. You may have seen Jerome's comments in the middle of the thread below. I don't think you can go wrong with any of the dumpling items. I know their Hacienda Heights location also has some Xinxiang style items, so if they have them in Monterey Park too it might be worth trying just for the curiosity factor.

    1. Should be no problem. The only caveat - inconsistency. Sometimes they do the potstickers with the little slurry that makes the skin so they stick together a little which I like. Sometimes, they just fry them up separately.
      But I like them.

      Also, in the same mall, check out Jasmine for dan-dan noodles. The chinese name for Jasmine is just "dan dan mian (noodles)" so that's what one gets there. It's a sichuan chengdu snack place.
      deerfield makes a nice simple hotpot as well (shuanyangrou, mongolian hot pot etc).

      have fun. I seem to be one of the few here who like deerfield garden. So just chalk it up to idiosyncracy if you don't like it.

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        Are you sure Jasmine is still there? I think it may have been replaced by a Japanese place.

      2. Most places will have a menu with some decent English. Usually, they will have at least one person on the staff who speaks at least rudimentary English. You can always ask if they have such a staff member.

        Even though I speak Cantonese and some Mandarin, I don't always know the food at every restaurant. It's quite an adventure to try something new wherever you go. Besides, you might find something really tasty that other people don't like.

          1. I liked the pot stickers. Not quite as much as the ones at Luscious Dumplings, which is still my reigning champ. Still need to try the various Mandarin Deli locations before I make a final SGV pot sticker assessment, though. Although I have had the ones at the (now defunct) Little Tokyo location, which I liked, but, again, prefer Luscious Dumplings.