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Sep 27, 2006 07:03 PM

B-day Celebration in Laguna or Dana Point for 9?

We are looking for a restaurant for my Grandma's 88th birthday celebration for 9 of us. . . we had thought of the Beach House in Laguna, but they have no availability for this Saturday. Any other ideas of similar type restaurants in the surrounding areas? Seafood, Italian, Meditteranean type restaurants . . . .all price ranges.

Thanks chowhounds!

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  1. So you know there is a Beach House in Dana Point Harbor as well.

    1. Ideas:
      Gemell's in Dana Point Harbor (quiet, chef-owned, mostly French)

      Salt Creek Grill, where Laguna meets Dana Point on PCH (oak-grilled meats and seafood)

      Dizz's As Is on PCH in South Laguna (local classic continental, quirky retro room, quiet)

      Spalshes at the Surf and Sand Hotel in Laguna (decent-not-awesome Cal-Med fare, incredible beachfron location).

      1. Mastros Ocean Club Fish House - close to Crystal Cove.

        I love it here. Gracious service, lively crowds. Good times.