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Sep 27, 2006 06:41 PM

apple strudel in Toronto

Anyone know where to buy good, authentic apple strudel in Toronto? Enough to serve 20 people.
Preferably somewhere east of Yonge (I live in Leslieville).
Or, provide me with a good, authentic recipe.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. I highly recommend the apple strudel from Churrasco Villa. - Mt Pleasant and Eglinton. It is excellent. They will make it to order and you can pick it up hot. It comes with rasins and I am sure they would make it without if you wanted.

    The only thing is we have to take our own big pan to bring it home in so they dont have to cut it up.

    1. I second Churrasco Villa. It's much better than the strudel from any mid-Europe place I've tried. Go figure.

      1. I was in Sweet Indulgence at 1040 Coxwell on Saturday and they had lovely looking strudel. I haven't tried it but anything else I've had from there was delicious.

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          Is this a cake shop? what else do they serve? Ice cream? cheese cake? What have you have there?

          1. re: hungryabbey

            It's a bakery/cafe. They have a variety of cakes, muffins, bread, rolls, etc. They also serve sandwiches and maybe salad or soup.
            I've had an apple coffee cake, scones and muffins and heard good things about their sandwiches.
            I did find that the bakery/cafe combo led to some congestion at the cash.

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              hmm, sounds interesting. I should check it out.

        2. I'd recommend Cafe Bavaria, located in a small strip plaza, on Eglinton Ave. east of Markham, north side. Great strudel. Good prices.

          Also does an excellent New York style cheesecake!

          1. For the REAL thing ie., Austrian, you must try the Kaffehaus Konditor's version. (1856 Queen Street E). Austrian born pastry chef Riegler?? trained with world champion strudel master Heinrich Witmann!! Whilst there, you should also try their Sachertorte (Riegler learned how to make it whilst working at Vienna's Hotel Sacher!!)

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              just want to say, although I generally like Konditor, I was not impressed with their sachertorte, after putting off trying it for so long, because I knew it just wouldn't be right. I have seen that sweet gallery has sachertorte, and I plan on trying theirs one of these days to compare. cannot comment on their strudel though! sorry, a little off topic!