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Sep 27, 2006 06:37 PM

English Pub in Woodland Hills

The White Harte
22456 Ventura Blvd
Woodland Hills, CA 91364
(818) 224-3822

14 beers and ales on draft plus a large selection of bottled and cans. Full bar.
Good pub food, 5 large LCD screens for all soccer and football plus one on the outside patio. Entertainment a few nights a week and trivia on tuesdays.
This is a Very nice pub and is owned by a englishman.

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  1. I'll give it a go, but I started underage drinking (over a decade ago) at Pickwick's Pub, so my loyalty lies there.

    The White Harte? Dudn't sound too english.

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      I assumed that "The White Harte" was a reference to Arthur C. Clarke's 1957 collection entitled "Tales from the White Harte" about a group of scientists and fabulists who regularly swap tales in a countryside pub.

      Seems like to much a coincidence not to have had something to do with the name.

    2. White Harte is a very english pub. It's fairly good. Kind of upscale, older crowd of ex pats.

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        Personally, I find White Harte to be the worst of the english pubs around LA/Santa Monica. My favorite near Woodland Hills is all Crown & Anchor all the way in Thousand Oaks. Otherwise, your best bet will be to go to Studio City for the pub whose name escapes me.

      2. White Hearte is very english. A hearte. or heart, is an old word for "stag", often used in ld English stories-you can see it in old Robin Hood and contemporary tale and literature.

        A white Hearte is a white stag.

        Stag hunting is very Engish..with dogs and the lot.

        Frankly, I find the pub mediocre at best

        For a better pub, go to McG's (yes, supposedly "irish", but run by an englishman) in chatsworth. WAAAAAYYY better beer selection and menu. Nicer staff, too.

        In Sherman oaks, go to the Robin Hood. not as good a beer selection as McG's..but a dang good meu of pub food, including steak and kindey pies, pasty's, ploughman's lunch and dang fine fish and chips. I love the golden sponge cake with syrup and custard-yum!

        1. Very quaint, hidden and tucked away little VERY ENGLISH pub in city of Woodland Hills. This pub is so English that the English are driving from miles to come and frequent.
          It is varied with all ages, there is no attitude, just easy fun and good pub food. In England this pub would be considered upscale, although it is not a place for a piano and prices are not high.
          The service has been consistent every time we have gone in (my office is in Thousand Oaks and we meet for drinks at least once a week after work), the waitresses and bar staff are friendly and pretty. The crowd has been quite young but that is because this pub is a favorite for the karaoke crowds which can be a bit loud.
          Anyone that says something negative about this pub is crazy or has not been there.
          How can you go somewhere several times and go back if you don't like it?
          Oh, and I am English, this pub is ENGLISH, and the name is a very popular name in England! There are several pubs by this name in London and out-skirts.
          Last night I was there for St. Patricks's Day and it was so packed we were told to wait by the doorman until at least ten people leave. There was twenty people waiting by the entrance three hours later when we were leaving a packed and cheerful pub. Now I ask you, does that sound like a place people do not go? and this is a pub, not a hot spot club in LA.