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Sep 27, 2006 06:36 PM

Pollos al carbon - Providence

I stumbled onto a very good broiled chicken place on the west side of Providence last night. Didn't have the sizzling smokey snap of real wood-fired places I've been to south of the border, but several thousand miles closer, so ok.

[Because this city doesn't believe in street signs along major thoroughfares, I don't know where I was. I believe it was Manton Ave. south of the Atwells split - there were several Latin food spots along this stretch, and this had a large banner/awning advertising it.]

It's a small take-out spot - extremely brightly-lit, but there is a large table if you can't take it home. They only serve half and whole chickens ($5 for half), and don't have menus. You just point. Good plantains ("maduros" - the fried, sweet kind) and some good-looking stews that I didn't sample.

Feel free to respond w/ the address if anyone knows where I actually was (Google didn't help, sorry!).

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  1. was it a block or two away from the community garden and church on manton, on the way back down the hill toward royal mills and olneyville square? set back a bit off the road?

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      Well, I can't find any of those things you mention on my map (and it was dark), but it had a little parking lot between it and the road, so possibly - the sign is distinctive, though.