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Sep 27, 2006 06:29 PM

Nordic Lodge

Ever since I heard about the all you can eat lobster, seafood, and steak at this place I've been dying to try it out. But with the $70 per person price tag I've been hesitant to make the trip down to Charleston, RI. Well, I just received two gift certificates from work so now its looks like I'll be trying it out sooner than I thought.

Has anyone else been there? If so, what was your experience like? They seem to have a pretty extensive buffet menu. Any favorites or things to stay away from? As you can probably tell I'm trying to go down with a game plan. The worst thing is coming home from a buffet and saying, "Man, I really should have had some of that."

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  1. I got dragged to this place for a friend's birthday a couple years ago. Incidently, the price has gone up - I want to say it was around $55 at the time. At any rate, the Nordic Lodge is ONLY worth the price if you're the type who is going to comptelely gorge on lobster. Everything else is mediocre to downright bad.

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      I've never eaten there, never will it would just be too over whelming for me. I don't eat lobster or shrimp.

      One thing to note if you do go is that I have read that you can only stay for 2 hours.

      Don't know if that is true or not, but something to consider.

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        Agree with CharlestownCarrie. In our younger days we used to go there after a day at the beach for the sole purpose of seeing who could eat the most lobsters. In those days I believe the price was around $35. There is a pile of food to choose from, including a large dessert station. Most of the food is average at best and designed I'm sure, as filler to keep people from eating too many lobsters.

      2. Hey, thanks for the replies. It was kind of what I expected to hear. But on the bright side I guess I'm fortunate on two fronts. I do like lobster and I won't be paying for it! I hope the drinks are good.

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          I seem to recall they have a pretty big bar area with TV's. If the meals a bust, that's the next best thing :)

        2. it has gone down hill over the years-but if your a big eater.
          of lobsters and steak-it may be worth it-atleast to try once

          1. sorry fyi the milkshakes are free with the meal-over
            by the desserts

            1. I had a discussion about this place a few months back and, I as recall, they have a system by which you are allowed to eat only one lobster at a time--(they are only chicks at best), and you are only allowed a two hour maximum, AND, here’s the kicker, the lobsters are not replenished immediately. I think there’s a short lag time, (though I haven't eaten there myself and this comes secondhand).

              The consensus was that they have it designed to hold the big lobster eaters at bay, so you better be a fast sheller (only hard shell here) and eat fast. It’s not a “all you can eat” lobster free-for-all by any stretch.

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                Thought I'd come back to report on this from my visit last year.

                When I first entered the restaurant and heard them playing classic rhythm and blues I knew I was going to have a good time, regardless of the food. We got there about an hour after it opened on a Saturday. Besides a few tour buses it really wasn't as chaotic as I expected it to be. The lines, including the lobster line, were never more than 3 people deep. I found the two hour limit to be plenty of time to comfortably explore the buffet offerings. The lobsters were chicks, but there were plenty of them. I had about 4 or 5. The rest of the food I sampled, such as the shrimp scampi, filet mignon, and broccoli & cheese stuffed chicken, was average to good. I was pretty disappointed with their fried scallops and shrimp as they just sat on a wad of paper towels under a heat lamp. But finally I was surprised by their dessert selections. Several different cakes, chocolate dipped fruits, and a Haagan Dazs ice cream bar. My girlfriend and I shared a very luscious cheesecake with strawberries and a slice of carrot cake. After the last bite we were both stuffed beyond belief and went to the River Fire to walk it off. It was good night.

                In the end it was a good experience. If I didn't receive a gift certificate I doubt I would have gone. However, in the future it is a place I can see taking my relatives from Pittsburgh as they love lobster and the all-you-can-eat concept.