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Sep 27, 2006 06:00 PM

Kous Kous Moroccan Bistro San Diego

I went to this 2 month old restaurant last night. What an enjoyable experience. They are located under Martini's on Fourth on fourth avenue in Hillcrest. Of course I don't remember what was there before but the chef/owner Moumen did an excellent job transforming the place. We felt very welcomed. Moumen came to the table to explain the menu. All the dishes we ordered were good and some were great. The roasted eggplant as well as the lamb shank shouldn't be missed. I will be going back very soon.

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  1. I went in shortly after they opened just to check out their menu. The woman who runs the place was very friendly. The menu when I stopped by was not huge - typical tangine dishes and small plates. Apparently they also make the meat in filo dish (covered with powdered sugar and cinnamon) but it hadn't made it to the printed menu yet. I'm looking forward to trying this place and hearing what others think.

    1. I was very impressed by this place, the quality of its
      food and service. The owner Moumen has introduced a
      new and unique concept of Moroccan restaurant. I am
      glad this place is not about a forced 5 course meal
      that you have to eat with your fingers while a belly
      dancer is trying to entertain you but can't get your
      full attention because you are busy "EATING".
      This restaurant is highly recommended.

        1. Went there a couple weeks ago and had a great experience. The service is warm and friendly. The food was perfectly spiced and delicious. I got a lamb couscous and my husband ordered a beef tagine. We got a Moroccan wine to keep with the theme. The owner/chef came out and chatted with us, a nice touch. I highly recommend KousKous and I wish them much success!

          1. Eating at Kous Kous was a lot of fun. The decor is beautiful, the service is friendly and it's nice that you aren't forced to pay for a whole course dinner. That said, I've had more flavorful Moroccan food in my past experiences. I felt that the food needed more of a kick. It would be a good introduction for someone who has never eaten Moroccan.