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Sep 27, 2006 05:56 PM


Sorry to post here but there is no Vegas room. I am traveling to Vegas with a group of 10 and need a casual but good food for approx. $100 a person including all drinks, taxes, etc. Want to be able to have a good time and maybe be loud (not too loud) but also enjoy the food. I have checked restaurants at Wynn and Belagio and I just can't do that ofr $100 a person. Any suggestions, thanks in advance.

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. My understanding is that the place to go is Lotus of Siam for the best Thai in the states. It is in an unpretentious strip mall off the vegas strip. Google it for details. BTW, posts for vegas can be found on the southwest board

      1. You could go to Lotus of Siam twice for $100pp, unless you're all raging alcoholics.

        1. You might consider Cafe Ba Ba Reeba for tapas in the Fashion Show Mall (across from the Wynn). Although part of the Lettuce Entertain You chain, it is pretty tasty, and is quite fun. Tapas are generally a good thing with a group. They also have moderately priced wine and sangria. The food is good and the atmosphere is fun.

          1. Recently I went to Vegas, and was more than happy with Mon Ami Gabi, a spacious bistro in the Parisian Hotel. $100 per person there would be extravagant.