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Sorry to post here but there is no Vegas room. I am traveling to Vegas with a group of 10 and need a casual but good food for approx. $100 a person including all drinks, taxes, etc. Want to be able to have a good time and maybe be loud (not too loud) but also enjoy the food. I have checked restaurants at Wynn and Belagio and I just can't do that ofr $100 a person. Any suggestions, thanks in advance.

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  1. My understanding is that the place to go is Lotus of Siam for the best Thai in the states. It is in an unpretentious strip mall off the vegas strip. Google it for details. BTW, posts for vegas can be found on the southwest board

    1. You could go to Lotus of Siam twice for $100pp, unless you're all raging alcoholics.

      1. You might consider Cafe Ba Ba Reeba for tapas in the Fashion Show Mall (across from the Wynn). Although part of the Lettuce Entertain You chain, it is pretty tasty, and is quite fun. Tapas are generally a good thing with a group. They also have moderately priced wine and sangria. The food is good and the atmosphere is fun.

        1. Recently I went to Vegas, and was more than happy with Mon Ami Gabi, a spacious bistro in the Parisian Hotel. $100 per person there would be extravagant.


          1. Ditto to Mon Ami Gabi and Ba Ba Reeba. Simon Kitchen & Bar at the Hardrock is another good option. And if you go before 8 pm, there's a 3-course prix fixe dinner for $48 at Daniel Boulud at Wynn which I think is a great bargain: http://danielnyc.com/dbbrasserie/_pdf...

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              I second Simon's @ the hard rock as well, the food was really good, it was a young fun restaurant, and you could do 100/ person including drinks.

            2. You're not going to find a greater partisan of Lotus of Siam than me, but I think it might be wrong for your group. With ten folks, youwon't have a private area, and you might feel self-conscious about being loud. And although they have a fantastic wine list, there is no hard liquor.

              I think the ideas mentioned here are good ones.

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                Hey Dave. I have reservations for 20 at LOS - its my Dad's 80th. There will be a range of young adults (18-30) and adults. Do you think a large group is apprpriate for LOS. Your post above is making me think twice.

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                  I think you'll have a blast. What concerned me about the original poster was that I thought he might be disappointed with the atmosphere -- there is no hard liquor and it's not the kind of place for boisterous celebrations

                  With a group of 20, you'll be placed in a semi-private area, possibly with a little overflow into the main restaurant.
                  I've eaten there with groups of 10-25 at least fifteen times, and it works well.

                  Are you going to pre-arrange the menu? Everything is made to order at LOS, so can be timing issues if everyone is ordering ala carte. Everyone will be accomodating, but the more you can think through issues (e.g., allergies, spiciness preferences, how much to order) ahead of time, the better.

                  I don't want to hijack this thread -- if you have other questions, feel free to email me (my address is in my profile) or start a new thread.

                  BTW, my father, who is in his 80s, loved his visit to LOS and tried all kinds of dishes he had never eaten before.

              2. You could all go to Commander's Palace (Aladdin, Desert Passage) at lunch time, be stuffed with delicious food (three courses for $18.99) and enjoy a lively celebration with four of the 25-cent martinis each ! You will find your bill, including tax and tip, doesn't run much more than $25 a head ! The band is playing, the atmosphere is elegant and the welcome warm. Why pay more ?

                1. we were just at Fix in the Bellagio and you can easily get out for under $100/person w/ alcohol and tip. Atmosphere is conducive to loud, lascviscious patrons, as the bar and restaraunt flow into one large space. Food and service were both good. They have a private room as well.

                  Might also want to look at Emeril's NO Fish House at the MGM. Quieter atmosphere than Fix but not dead quiet like Picasso, noise would be acceptable. Food was excellent and you can get away for $100/head.

                  1. I think Commander's Palace is a great option. They don't get extremely busy during lunch when I've been there and the place is big. I'm sure you could have your own section and have as much fun as you want. It's not dinner, but it's a lot less money and should just as fun and good.