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Sep 27, 2006 05:47 PM

Barracuda - Japanese/Peruvian ? ... gratuitous CHOW mention

Anyone tried Barracuda mentioned today in the Chronicle? It is just below the mention of Chow magazine.

If you have tried it, any preference for one cuisine over the other ... better Japanese than Peruvian? Anyone tried this place when it was in Burlingame?

Seemed like it was liked in Burlingame, but there is only mention of the Japanese side. Anyone tried the Peruvian?

Website is WIP. For future reference.

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  1. there is a huge japanese population in peru. it seems like a natural fit to me. if you have ever been to mi lindo peru on mission, i believe they are of japanese decent by way of peru.

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    1. re: potatoe

      Very cool. I knew the Italian/Peruvian connection. Will be interested to try Peruvian dishes from a Japanese rather than a Italian influence. I know, I know, just standard Peruvian, but kind of curious. I'll probably wait till the menu is on-line to go though.

    2. We walked by it on Monday night. The menu looked interesting, the decor was good, both the hostess and the bartender were friendly and the food we saw on tables was intreging. Unfortunately, we had just come from dinner so we didn't sample anything but we'll definitely be going back for dinner asap.

      1. Well, it is on my list because my boss the foodie went and just raved. Can't wait!

        1. The original comment has been removed