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Sep 27, 2006 05:45 PM

Lunch ideas for Hollywood/Fairfax area

Started working in the area a month or so ago and am in desparate need of some lunch recommendations.

I've been eating: The Griddle (amazing breakfast in gargantuan portions), Bristol Farms deli ($8 for a decent but unspectacular sandwich), Baja Fresh (need I say more), and I just checked out Kung Pao Bistro (your average westernized Chinese fare).

I prefer take-out (delivery is a plus), but dining in is okay too.


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  1. A little east of The Griddle and Bristol Farms is Cheebo on Sunset just west of Gardner. They have a special take-out window.

    1. i used to work in that area as well and pretty much relied on kung pao bistro, bristol farms (sushi is pretty decent there as well as the soups), griddle cafe and whole foods. on sunset and gardner there's a great pizza place. used to be called mory's now i think it's rainforest something. there is cheebo on sunset a block west of gardner. it's not bad at all. and rarely, would i go to astro burger on santa monica and gardner. but it was an option.

      1. How about BASIX CAFE on Santa Monica (just a bit west of Fairfax)?

        1. Chao Krung Thai Restaurant
          111 N Fairfax Ave
          Los Angeles, CA 90036
          they should deliver to your location

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            2nd the Chao Krung. We should own the place by now, we order so often...
            Eat Well on Beverly & Martel has good take out (dressings are so-so)

          2. Check out Toi on sunset and Gardner for awesome rock and roll thai. must tries: chicken yellow curry and the pad kee mao and their brown rice. plus they deliver. also try El Compadre across the street for comforting mexican. every nite at 8 they have live mariachi band.