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Pesto ideas

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I made some pesto but want some interesting ideas other than just putting it on pasta...any suggestions?

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    1. a spread for sandwiches (especially grilled ones) or pizza

      1. Second the bread spead--try it with sliced tomatoes on toasted Arnold Country Classic White or a bagurette.

        Drizzled over caprese salad instead of(or with)olive oil.

        Over roasted Roma tomatoes with goat cheese and toasted pine nuts (there my dear recipe is out!). Very good as a winter appetizer when tomatoes otherwise stink). if you have no fresh pesto by then, Pastene's is a satisfactory substitute.

        And of course, all by itself!

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          Make a "Caprese" salad sandwich. Take a baguette, smear it with the pesto and layer fresh mozzarella and tomatoes on its (could also add roasted peppers).

        2. Its good as a marinade for chicken.

          1. Freeze some and serve with bread along with a rich, winter spaghetti & meatball dinner--*killer* good combo!

            I also like to dilute pesto with olive oil (put into a plastic squeeze bottle), then drizzle my "pesto oil" over tomato bisque and top with croutons. (I freeze "pesto oil".)

            Note: I have about 15 cups of pesto in the freezer :)

            1. I love putting pesto on tuna/salmon salad sandwiches. Sounds odd, but it's heavenly...

              1. On portabello mushrooms and bake or grill.

                1. toast or bake some baguette rounds and spread pesto on them for an appetizer.