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Sep 27, 2006 05:10 PM

Pesto ideas

I made some pesto but want some interesting ideas other than just putting it on pasta...any suggestions?

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    1. a spread for sandwiches (especially grilled ones) or pizza

      1. Second the bread spead--try it with sliced tomatoes on toasted Arnold Country Classic White or a bagurette.

        Drizzled over caprese salad instead of(or with)olive oil.

        Over roasted Roma tomatoes with goat cheese and toasted pine nuts (there my dear recipe is out!). Very good as a winter appetizer when tomatoes otherwise stink). if you have no fresh pesto by then, Pastene's is a satisfactory substitute.

        And of course, all by itself!

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        1. re: SeaSide Tomato

          Make a "Caprese" salad sandwich. Take a baguette, smear it with the pesto and layer fresh mozzarella and tomatoes on its (could also add roasted peppers).

        2. Its good as a marinade for chicken.

          1. Freeze some and serve with bread along with a rich, winter spaghetti & meatball dinner--*killer* good combo!

            I also like to dilute pesto with olive oil (put into a plastic squeeze bottle), then drizzle my "pesto oil" over tomato bisque and top with croutons. (I freeze "pesto oil".)

            Note: I have about 15 cups of pesto in the freezer :)