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ideas for leftover fresh ricotta

Hi all, I have a ton of fresh ricotta sitting in my refridgerator. Any ideas for tasty ways to use it up, the simpler the better because I have a two-week old baby.



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  1. Stuffed shells...boil pasta shells. Mix egg, ricotta, chopped fresh basil, chopped frozen spinach (defrosted, squeezed dry) grated pecorino or parmesan and fill shells. Put shells in a baking dish & top with your favorite bottled tomato sauce & a little more grated cheese. Bake until bubbly & heated through.

    1. Lemon Ricotta Pancakes are pretty easy

      But you can use it in any way you would use cottage cheese, cream cheese, sour cream, mascarpone or almost any fresh dairy.
      -Put it in mashed potatoes
      -Put any fruit preserves or compote or honey on it
      -Put it in an omelette
      -Put it in a tart or quiche (pairs well with spinach or greens
      )-Top a salad with it
      -Mix it into yogurt for some rich texture and flavor
      -Dump it into meatloaf
      -Make an Italian Ricotta cheesecake
      Really there's no limit.

      1. I bought too much for a party and had a lot left-over recently. How I used it - tossed with rotini and sauteed zucchini, summer squash, and herbs for a pasta salad, on toast with cherry/apricot jam or honey, and with sauteed cherry tomatoes, basil, and olive oil with spaghetti.

        1. http://www.preciouscheese.com/recipes...

          This was the best part of a festival I went to last week weekend that was sponsored by Precious Ricotta cheese.

          Chem 'em out -yum! :) KQ

          1. I don't have a recipe but I'd vote (if it were in my house or if you want to come over) for a ricotta cheesecake. YUMMY!!!

            1. gnudi or ricotta pie

              1. I like it mounded on toasted peasant bread and drizzled with honey. A little rosemary can also be good with this.

                1. Since we are discussing ricotta cheese, does anyone have a tried and true recipe for ricotta gnocchi? Looking online I haven't been able to find any recipes with better than mediocre reviews and I'd like something that is guaranteed to be great. I've made potato gnocchi on numerous occasions, but would like make the ricotta version this time around since I too have cheese that needs to be used up, and am in the mood to try something different. Thanks in advance.

                  1. that's basically what I was referimng to when I wrote gnudi- you might have better luck if you refer to that name in your search. I think the recipe I made was Giada's but not sure if I still have it- will check.

                    here it is

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                    1. Easiest of all--
                      Spread on fresh semolina (or other hearty) bread with honey...

                      1. An Italian take on mel i mató: put it in a basket or something similar, let it drain a bit through a clean coffee filter so it will hold its shape, turn it out into a dish and dress with just a little bit of honey, warmed a bit so that it flows easily. Garnish with nuts if you like.


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                          I had this exactly at an Italian restaurant as an appetizer, but they added sea salt and fresh ground pepper on the top. It was amazing.

                        2. Buy some pre made pizza dough and make a calzone.

                          1. you can make a ricotta frittata, its delicious. add the ricotta to about 6 eggs add some fresh parsley and grated parmigiano cheese. YUM