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Sep 27, 2006 03:53 PM

Dinner suggestion after Cirque Du Soleil

Coming down from NH to see Corteo this friday ..4.00pm show. Any suggestions for really good chow in this area?

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  1. Zafferano in East Boston at the corner of Bennington and Saratoga. Do a search of the board for numerous comments.

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    1. re: BBHound

      Thanks...lots of good suggestions there. I guess I'm not the only one heading out to this the way if you have not seen the Cirq shows ...I highly reccomend them..there are great!

      1. re: tunapet

        We took the chowhound advice for Zafferano's last weekend after seeing Corteo. The four of us voted it the best Italian restaurant we've ever been to. Very warm and welcoming, very gracious and professional service. It's just past the Orient Heights T station (we had a little trouble reading our mapquest directions). Park on the street or in the bank parking lot next to/near Burger King. Grilled shrimp was perfect. Grilled eggplant and zucchini on the antipasto plate were very tasty. The owner makes the desserts. Not a large selection but maybe that is a good idea. Traditionally we choose 2 to share among the four of us. The pastry used for the tart was more like a shortbread. Veal dishes were exceedingly tender. Mushroom risotto very flavorful. It's hard to believe they've only been open two years ... but we were surprised it wasn't crowded on a Saturday evening.