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Sep 27, 2006 03:51 PM

White Linen in Old Town

This is a catering/gourmet deli/takeout place on North Ave. just west of Sedgewick. I am in that neighborhood at least once a week, usually looking for a quick dinner, and I am so tired of Taco Fresco being the healthiest and tastiest choice around. One can only dine at Boston Market/McDonalds/Subway so many times before calling defeat, and I don't have a great deal to spend on a mid-week dinner. I passed this place the other night and stopped in for a Warm Boucheron and Heirloom Tomato Sandwich with a little balsamic and homemade chips...for $6.50, it was hands down the best deal in Old Town (next to Old Jeruselam, of course). I went again last night and tried their braised short rib sandwich with sweet onion puree and Cotswold Cheese (an aged cheddar with chive and onion) and it was SO good. They also do gourmet takeout food, organic baby food, and desserts (the toffee was pretty good).
I was just curious if any other Chicago chowhounds had come across this place and like it as much as I do!

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  1. I love White Linen. It's a true find. And a real asset for the neighborhood. For ready-to-go dinners. Gourmet sandwiches. Soups. Sauces. Even homemade croutons and hummus. The owners are passionate about what they do. And it shows. Try the green lentils and the broccolini. Yum. Oh and they now offer brunch on Saturday.