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Sep 27, 2006 03:44 PM

Cool coffe shop to study in?

Hi there New York!
I'm coming in from Los Angeles for a work related thing and am looking for a nice, cozy coffee shop to hang out/study in. Do you guys know of any places where the noise level is relatively low and has comfortable seating too? Thanks!

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  1. A couple of places in the Village you might enjoy for studying are:

    DOMA (corner of Perry & w.4th St.)

    THINK! COFFEE (Mercer btw w.3rd & w.4th Sts

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      Doma is a great suggestion. Just make sure you don't eat there -- head around the corner for a falafel sandwich at Taim.

      1. re: a_and_w

        yes, that is so true...taim is phenomenal. their falafel sandwich is one of my favorite $5 lunches around. but we digress...

    2. Broken Cup Cafe on 22nd...Paul's Boutique maybe.

      1. I'm a fan of Push Cafe on 3rd Ave between 22/23 Sts. I live in the neighborhood and frequently bring my laptop there to work during breakfast. Nice couches up front if you can snag 'em.

        1. If you are hanging out ard soho, you can check out Used Book Cafe, which has a cafe tucked in the back of a large used bookstore that benefits housingworks. There's wifi and plenty of seats and tables. Plenty of people bring their laptops and books out to study during the weekends. Its When you're bored of studying, you can browse/buy some cheap books too! on Crosby, slightly south of Houston.

          1. i like the upstairs at city bakery - self service - great food/baked goods - on 18th bet. 5th and 6th avenues.
            i also like cafe dante in the west village - on macdougal between bleecker and houston - closer to houston - there's a bunch of old italian cafes on that strip of macdoubal between w. 4th and houston (caffe reggio also among them) so you can take your pick.
            and if you're uptown you can sit with all the grad students at the hungarian pastry shop - on amsterdam near 110th - right at columbia and with a view of st. john the divine (which you should definitely also check out) - and around the corner from labyrinth books on 110 bet. broadway and amsterdam - with a great book selection esp. of academic titles.