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Sep 27, 2006 03:21 PM

Instead of straight sugar in pumpkin pie

I was wondering what are some good subsitutes for sugar in Pumpkin Pie. I am thinking of something other than Maple syrup. Could you use apple sauce, apple butter, or fruit juice? I am looking to make the pie to have only a faint sweetness.

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  1. My recipe only has condensed milk, tinned pumpkin and a splash of brandy.

    1. Try a brown sugar & molasses combo, or cane syrup, or Lyle's Golden Syrup (a very light cane syrup) if you can find it. Lyle's is great in a pecan pie, too.

      1. I have experimented in the past with reducing the sugar and using a little coconut milk mixed with the condensed milk... and a combo of brown & white sugar.. makes for a little more carmelized flavor, less sweet and the coconut is subtle.

        1. I usually reduce the amount of sugar in most pie recipes because I don't like a too-sweet filling. You can safely go down around 10-20% without affecting the rest of the pie. I haven't tried reducing beyond about 25%, I don't know what would happen if you went below this.

          It's pretty easy to experiment with the filling. Make the pie filling without any sugar, then add pre-set amounts (100%, 75%, 50%, whatever you think will work) to small 1/2 cup (or smaller) ramekins or similar ovenproof cups. Bake at the appropriate temperature until set. Taste and pick the one that suits you. This experiment also allows you to see how the overall texture/taste are affected by the reduction in sugar.

          1. Equal makes a product that's called Sugar Lite, half sugar half equal. I use it for all sorts of stuff -works great! :)KQ