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Sep 27, 2006 03:16 PM

Red Square in Baltimore

Has anyone been to this Russian restaurant in the basement of the Belvedere? Any thoughts on the food? Also: My husband and I would like to try it, but we're wondering how early we'd have to go to avoid any trace of thumping disco scene.

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  1. Hey, I just wanted to know if anyone has eaten here yet?

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      I went a few weeks ago. Appetizers were great. I dont know what we had since they were out of a few of the things that we ordered so we let the waiter bring what he suggested. Our main dishes were "ok". I had the chicken kiev and it was a little more breaded than I was expecting. He had the beef stroganoff which he liked. The sides were unusual. A group of Russians were sitting at the table next to us and they had awesome looking soup.
      One MAJOR problem. We noticed mold on a piece of bread on the table.

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        We did wind up going several months ago, early in the evening when the place was empty. Service was fair, food was good if a little unimpressive, but we'd like to try it again.

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          I went a few months ago for my brother-in-law's birthday party (his wife and her whole family is Russian). I don't know the name of any dish I ate, but they were all pretty good. Since it was a party, there was tons of food- chicken, lamb, fish, all sorts of veggie dishes including tons of pickled stuff and even some sushi, which I found a bit odd. I guess this probably doesn't help you much since I can't identify anything, but my point is, I had a good experience there. Oh, and I drank way too much vodka.

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            I have. City Paper ran a piece on their lunch special, and since I lived in St. Petersburg, Russia for a year I was dying for a little reminiscing.

            Cabbage salads were very Russian, if a bit heavy on the oil. We could swear that they used sesame oil for them, which was an untraditional but tasty pairing.

            The soups were solid. The borsch was better than the mushroom barley one, but both were very traditional-tasting.

            I had the chebureiki, which is ground spiced meat in dough pocket that is deep fried. I've had them in Uzbekistan (ground lamb, fried in lard) and this wasn't the real deal. It was a pretty decent effort at it, though.

            Dining companion had the vareniki, dough pockets filled with potato. They were adequate. They could have made the filling richer--i.e., add melted butter to the potato and almost whip them together (they way I make them) but they were still good.

            Both lunch plates literally came with only the item we ordered on it. It was a little stark--white plate, dough/pie, nothing else. Not even a sprig of parsley. But it certainly was Soviet-esque!

            I would go back for dinner to try the appetizers and vodka. Red Square may not be the heights of culinary achievement, but what I had was solid (if a little plain) and I'd eat there again.

          2. Thanks everyone, I guess I'll add them to my (neverending) list of restaurants to try

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              Anyone been there lately? Does it still exist? Any food updates? I may be steering some Russians there next week and don't want to be embarrassed.