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Sep 27, 2006 02:59 PM

where to have elk (or other game) in Anchorage?

I had sent a previous post generally asking for restaurants ideas in Anchorage and I'm now following this with something more specific. I have 3 nights there and another guest to the same conference I'll be at wants to have elk or some other game while in town. Neither of us will have a car and we are staying at the Hotel Captain Cook so walking or cab distance of it would be great. In fact, would the Crow's Nest at the hotel have game, elk in particular? Where else might one go?


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  1. Elk in Alaska? Well there are some on a couple of isolated islands after transplants in the '20s, but it's not a common animal. If any place had it, it would likely be imported from lower 48. I think 7 Glaciers has it on the menu, but you'd have to rent a car for the day -- but the drive alone is worth it, one of the most beautiful in the world.

    Moose and caribou are the local wild games but aren't served anywhere I know of -- although you can get caribou sausages from downtown hotdog carts, you could also get it on dominoes pizza (still not worth it...) and in certain breakfast places (like Gwennies, an old time Alaskana place).

    But you can't really tell it's caribou, tho. You're best bet is to befriend a local and get an invite for moose steaks. When I lived there I had some East Coast friends over. I'd traded halibut I'd caught for moose from a friend. To be safe, I also grilled a couple of choice beef fillets. The beef sat, the moose was wolfed down.

    So the bottom line: There's not much game but plenty of fish.

    If you want good dining with local ingredients, try a place like Orso and check out the seafood entrees.

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