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Sep 27, 2006 02:56 PM

Visiting San Francisco - best restaurant pics

Visiting for the first time in 20 years. Quick 3 day trip - staying in Union Square. Would love a list of great restaurants for lunch and dinner in that general area. Don't necessarily need 5 star choices. Love Italian, Japanese, Indian. We only have one reservation and it's at Zuni Cafe.
All recommendations greatly appreciated.

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  1. Classic SF would be Tadich Grill for lunch. Arrive early, no reservations. Sand dabs, petrale sole, cioppino, outstanding.

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      Thank you. As you are the only one who responded I'm wondering if you have anymore recs. Also, do you know of any good wine bars?

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        Honestly, the reason you didn't get more recs is probably that variations of this question get asked several times a week. You might want to check the last few days of posts or do a search for "Union Square."

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          If you do a search for "wine bar" you'll find quite a few postings. I really enjoyed Cav and, more recently, had a great time sitting at the bar at Bocadillos, which is a tapas bar with an interesting list of Spanish, Portuguese and Cal wines.

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              Thw Market Wine Bar in the Ferry Building is a great place to try different wines and meet people.

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                You mean Ferry Plaza Wine Merchant? Nice but limited selection, not many seats so it's often full. And it closes kind of early--8pm Tues.-Wed., 9pm Thurs.-Sat., 7pm Sun.

          1. Firefly on 24th Street in Noe Valley - it's a quick cab ride from Union Square. Food is fried chicken in San Francisco

            Town Hall - probably my favorite restaurant in the City. No matter what you have for dinner you must order the Chocolate & Butterscotch Pot de Creme....perfect for two

            Townsend - near the ball park on the Embarcadero. Great for brunch and dinner is a bargain. Mon - Thurs they have a 3 course dinner for $17!!

            Yank Sing for Dim Sum

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              Depending upon the time of day, your cab ride from Union Square to Firefly can take as much as 20 minutes, or even more if you get stuck in rush hour traffic around the Square, and the cab would be fairly expensive. It is not in the general area, and if you are only here for three days, I wouldn't recommend it as something you must do. Doesn't even fit into one of your three categories of preferred cuisine....

              As Ruth says, there are LOTS of Union Square recs, so a search would help you narrow your choices.

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                I'm gonna second Town Hall and the pot de creme.

              2. Catch the F line on Market to the Ferry Building and hit Taylor's for semi-fancy diner food (Tuna Burgers, Pumpkin Shakes)

                1. Hi. I just asked this same question and these were the responses.

                  1. SNOB (Sanoma Napa something something) on Polk is also a good wine bar. Also, it's a pretty short walk to North Beach and Chinatown from union square.

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                      I've been boycotting the place based on its stupid name --
                      SNOB - Sonoma Napa Or Beyond
                      1327 Polk Street (between Pine and Bush), San Francisco
                      open: Sun-Wed 4 PM till 11 PM, Thurs-Sat 4 PM till 12 midnight