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Sep 27, 2006 02:49 PM

A pot roast report

A few days ago I responded to a poster asking what to do with pot roast. I sent along a copy of an Asian pot roast from Cooking Light. Last night I made it for a friend and myself...both major hounds. The dish is very good and soothing, however I would suggest practically doubling every spice in the broth. Personally, I would also have added some chili/garlic sauce for more of a kick but the base of the broth is delicious, just not strong enough.
I did add a lot more veg. than was called for also but it is a great to hear back if anyone makes it!

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  1. Made pot roast for the first time last night. Used the CI recipe. It was amazing. I wouldn't change a thing

    1. I belong to the Cooking Light message board and noticed that many folks there have made that recipe, and they all loved it. It's on my "to try" list.

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        If you try it, my only advice is to add more beef flavor~beef bouillon and you could add more of the spices but I believe just a boost of beef flavor would be sufficient.