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Sep 27, 2006 02:48 PM

'Creme Fraiche'

Does anyone know where I can buy/find creme fraiche in the Western Massachusetts area.

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  1. I am not sure how far west in MA you are, but Whole Foods carries Creme Fraiche in their Cheese Department. They have a location in Hadley, MA.

    1. Any upscale grocer should carry it.

      1. go old school and make your creme fraiche by putting about 3tablespoons of buttermilk in a "leftovers" type of tub. Add a pint of organic heavy cream, put the lid on and leave it on the counter for two or three days, you can stir it a couple of times if you like. Then refigerate it and it will last for a couple of weeks.

        1. Dan B has the right idea. You should use a breathable lid (cheese cloth or tea towel) and although organic is nice it is not necessary. Also the temperature of the spot you leave it in effects how long it needs to sit. The warmer the shorter.

          1. If you're not so ambitious (I know I'm not, even though I like the thought) Stop & Shop carries Vermont Butter & Cheese (?) Creme Fraiche.

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                Vermont Butter & Cheese CF is quite good, and readily available throughout western MA. Have tried others at Whole Foods and from Rubiner's in Great Barington ( from an organic CA dairy) at twice the price and not that much better.